Dead Names, Dead Dog: The Story So Far, Part 2

So it was that Dead Names:  The Dark History of the Necronomicon appeared in bookstores across the nation. Not only did "Simon" insist the Necronomicon was real, he used the new book as a platform for attacks on John and I, challenging our conclusions, our scholarship, and our motivations.

Now, I won't pretend that John's section of The Necronomicon Files didn't go after "Simon" and his own claims in a way intended to be entertaining, yet firmly based on the evidence.  We can take what we dish out – and we certainly have had to many times before.  Still, the question became how to answer such an attack.

After the book came out, I looked on the Web for the responses.  For the most part, all was quiet.  Then I found "Simon" on the Sacred-Magick website forums.  He had turned up briefly a little while before, but he showed up again, asked for questions, and started to criticize our supposedly shoddy research. This seemed to be an invitation, in more ways than one, so I posted.  The moderators and participants there were kind enough to allow me to do so and ask questions of "Simon" in hope of getting his responses.

This has been going on for about two months, with me posting questions and "Simon" answering, sometimes with plain answers, and others with evasions, accusations of bias, proclamations that I was a hack writer, and so forth.

While this has been enlightening, the forum itself is closed to non-members.  People can't read that I was responding, so some were concluding that I had no response, and my friends were asking when I'd make things public.

That's why I'm posting here.  I will be going through Dead Names systematically, providing my assessment of it.  It may take a long time, because I'd like to be thorough in my critique.  Still, clearing the air is important enough to deserve such attention.

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  1. Get ’em Dan!

  2. The direct link is for those who wish to take part of both parts of the argument rather than just Dan’s description of it.

    All the best

  3. Noxlux, I'm afraid that link doesn't work for non-members. I just tried it while logged out, and got an error message.

    If there's another way to show people the discussion, let me know, and I'll provide a direct link to it in an entry. 



  4. The extremes of human belief never fail to amuse, astound and frighten.

    Will be watching this one intently.

  5. great blog great story.. you ought to post your stories in webdatedot com.. guys there would love your stories..

  6. Hi Dan,

    sorry, my mistake – I forgot that part of the forum is part of the members only area.

    All the best

  7. Nox,

    Since you were around during the discussion, want to check in from time to time and keep me honest?


  8. Dan,

    I don’t think I have ever doubted your honesty – I just tend to disagree with you 🙂

    I will check in from time to time, but I am afraid that my knowledge regarding the mundane history of things as my remembrance of discussions are to weak to be of any substantial assistance in this case. :-/

    I am sorry that you have moved your writings here, simply because I think the debate between you and Simon was very interesting, and while I do not presume to know how he thinks, a debate on a forum belonging to one party tend to be less likely and interesting than on a relatively (relatively – because most of us who vere interested in the debate of course are practicing occultists _using_ simons nec) neutral ground like sacred-magick, but celavie.

    C u round

  9. […] on!  It used to be that Simon would write books smearing me and going on occult forums to engage in name-calling.  Even later, he’d at least show up (apparently) to edit his own Wikipedia page, or to tell […]

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