Dead Names, Dead Dog: Bias

Before I get started, I’d like to address “Simon”‘s charge that The Necronomicon Files is biased. That’s an important one – if I’m biased, how can you believe what I say here?

Look at your bookshelf right now. Every book you see there was (or should have been) written by someone who was biased, someone who had strong opinions on a topic and its importance. People who don’t possess those qualities don’t write books – or at least, not good ones.

What makes for a good book, though, is what that person does with their biases. I knew, when we wrote The Necronomicon Files, that we would come under fire for our views. As such, it was necessary, even in a book for a popular audience, to investigate as many possibilities as we could. In addition, we included those extensive endnotes you see in the book, so that people could check our work if they doubted us. We put up a website (though it’s been a while since the last update), and we posted errata there when someone noticed a problem.

“Simon” tells you that John and I entered into this with a preconceived opinion about the Necronomicon. Nonetheless, we did contact “Simon” himself, both in his real identity (to which he responded), and to his pen name (to which he did not, for whatever reason). As an example, he complains about our treatment of the Ferrell case, but does not mention that we contacted him immediately after we heard about a possible Necronomicon link. He does not like the conclusions, or the tone, of our work. He might wish that we had contacted him more often, though if so, he has never expressed that to us.

Nonetheless, in the years since the publication of The Necronomicon Files, “Simon” never contacted us to ask for corrections or clarifications. We have certainly been much more accessible than he – our website has been up for years now, and John and I have done our best to answer the email that comes our way. Nonetheless, he never informed us that his book would deal extensively with our own, or that he would take us to task for a long list of supposed faults, both literary and personal.

We do not ask for sympathy, merely for an analysis of the situation. When a man who claims a love for the truth launches personal attacks under a pseudonym without contacting those he discusses for any response whatsoever, it says much more about him than volumes about bias ever could.

Thus, over the next few weeks I shall discuss the ideas in “Simon”‘s book. Not only will this allow for a quicker response, it will allow others a chance to contact us with questions, comments, and (gulp!) corrections. We’ve left a link on the Sacred-Magick forums, so “Simon” himself might come here and do the same. I hope this also speaks to our commitment to discovering the truth.

UPDATE:  There was confusion about this post earlier.  We wrote to “Simon” under his other identity, using that name, and he responded in kind.

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