Dead Names, Dead Dog: Dangerous Words?

One of the most controversial claims made in The Necronomicon Files is that the Necronomicon might have been a factor in two murder cases. “Simon,” of course, vigorously denies this, even suggesting that it is ridiculous. After all, plenty of other works – ranging from religious texts to movies – have been claimed as the bases for all manner of crimes. Why is the Necronomicon singled out?

As a librarian – and as someone who “Simon” has accused repeatedly of advocating censorship – and with Banned Books Week just around the corner, I should answer this.

I am strongly against censorship. In the recent dustup over whether the New York Times should have kept quiet information that the president was giving out years before in campaign speeches, I was firmly on the journalists’ side. Communication is vitally important at all levels of our society, and we should at all times be wary of attempts to shut it down.

Whereas an author should be free to say whatever they want, however, they should also be held morally accountable for what they do say. Books are powerful tools that have had amazing transformative effects on people’s lives, as witnessed by such classics as Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Jungle.

On the most basic level, they should either tell the truth as best they can as best they know it, or to tell untruths as entertainingly as can be done. Further, they should be careful to distinguish when they are doing one from the other, so people who encounter the latter do not confuse it for the former.

(Yes, you lit majors, that’s incredibly simplistic. Still, it is a nice place to start, isn’t it?)

Further, an author has an obligation not to say something that could potentially harm someone, unless the benefits outweigh the costs. This one has got a lot of vague words like “harm” and “benefits” and “costs” in there, but, once again, it’s a place to start.

Now, let’s take one of the passages from the Necronomicon. “Simon” would claim we were taking it out of context, but we’ll get to that later:

And the Blood of the weakest here
Is libation unto TIAMAT
Queen of the Ghouls
Wreaker of Pain
And to invoke her
The Red Water of Life
Need be split on a stone
The stone struck with a sword
That hath slain eleven men
Sacrifices to HUBUR
So that the strike ringeth out
And call TIAMAT from Her slumber
From her sleep in the Caverns
Of the Earth.

If “Simon’s” Necronomicon is indeed a hoax – as The Necronomicon Files and this blog should prove – then I’d say that this is well over the lines broadly sketched above. It certainly serves no good purpose, other than giving a potential reader a thrill, and laying out a procedure to kill many people is a horribly bad idea.

For those who accept the Necronomicon is a powerful source of magick, this assessment is even worse. Setting aside whether this ritual would call up Tiamat, its proximity to effective rites leads a reader to conclude that this one will also be effective by analogy.

If the author does indeed write something like this and state that it is true, I believe, then this likely falls well over the line of authorial responsibility.

Next Necronomicon post, we’ll talk about those murder cases. Feel free to weigh in on this issue – it’s definitely one that requires careful thought.

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  1. Not too simplistic; I would argue that certain kinds of writers expect a certain intellectual rigor from their readers – they write to people who are going to actively engage with a work of fiction, not accept everything at face value. That being said, your summation actually works quite well.

  2. […] A couple posts ago, we were talking about “Simon’s” infamous blood sacrifice ritual from the Magan Text. Here’s how “Simon” explains it in Dead Names: He further cites a line out of context from the Necronomicon’s Magan Text in which it is stated that in order to summon the Queen of Ghouls it is necessary to spill blood upon a stone and to strike that stone with a sword that has slain eleven men. What Gonce does not mention is that the Magan Text is prefaced by the narrator with the words: […]

  3. […] Don’t take my word for all this talk about the possible dangers of the Necronomicon, though. Let’s look about what Dead Names itself has to say to the question, “Is the Necronomicon dangerous?” […]

  4. […] Immediately after I said that to myself, I remembered the Sword of Hubur in the Necronomicon, which does call for chopping up other people with a sword.  “Simon” will tell you that the passage is fine once read in context, given that sword-wielding psychotics are renowned for their grasp of literary criticism. No, I’m not trying to foist this tragedy off on the Necronomicon.  Some people are simply too unstable to get involved in gaming or the occult or, likely, much of anything else, and that’s likely what happened here.  In a world with such people, however, providing validation for carrying out their fantasies and thereby obtaining power is probably a bad idea. […]

  5. are you serious??? most idiots(and psychos) out there don’t want anything to do with the necronomicon (if they even know what it is) for fear of being seen as a nerd, or worse. And if you compare a small part of a book, which also instructs the reader NOT to use that specific ritual, to the outrageous amount of violence on the t.v., which is much more magical in the ways that anybody of that type or intelligence would want. (basically, get a gun and some stylish clothes and your automatically cool, with a 10x bonus if you actually use the gun), you would see why this is just fucking ridiculous. I need sleep, I have wasted like 4 good hours of my life on this web, and all it has done is made me more convinced that the book is real… ( not from Sumeria though, as it never claims to be.) like, have you even read this thing?? you just go off on pointless garbage that has nothing to do with what the book is actually about, and try to disprove it with “accepted” history, which every history teacher I have had (since the sixth grade) admits is extremely inacurrate, flawed and biased. the reason no one (normal) heard about it before is because it was a secret!!! this stuff was never released to the average person, at any point in history (except maybe now), and the priests that had this information would rather burn or( bury it) than turn it over to someone who they where not 100 per cent sure would be able to interpret it correctly. Why??? because they could have been murdered or worse. what the fuck do you think it REALLY means when they say it was written in a book of “skin and blood”. People died trying to preserve this type of stuff. What occult book isn’t written in code??? it wouldn’t be occult if it simply said (“here is the secret of all time….) that would effectively bring it out of the darkness making it no longer “occult” or “hidden” people can’t figure these things out for these reasons:1. they never really tried, for whatever reason. 2. They have a left brain on steroids and/or a disabled right brain. or 3. they get it subconsciously but have emotional blocks such as fear and pride that prevent them from taking a risk for once and trying to look at it in a truly new, non-judgmental and intuitive way. why do I even bother, oh yea because I am bored and love seeing how people re-act.(if they do at all). ps. I really don’t want to offend anyone, ok. it’s all in good fun, right. I mean do we, as civilized humans really take matters such as whether or not a book is full of 100 percent truth (which none are, by the way) that seriously???? ok im done, congratulations if you where able to actually read this, and if you didn’t get any increase in heartbeat or that strange feeling of being in a dream for a split second. you truly have got self control, or mind control over your self that is. anyway, if you are even still reading this and don’t think that I am as loonie as whoever wrote that damn book everyone is afraid of (whether they admit it or not, they are) then you are now a little loonier yourselves. goodnight. (ahead of time I will comment that I allow for spelling errors for two reasons 1. I type fast and am too lazy to go back. 2. none of them are so bad that a person with an IQ of 90 or higher won’t be able to figure out what I am trying to spell. if you are upset about them, you have some form of OCD. If you want to talk shit, I have already basically made it pointless. so don’t do it. (can you?) if you’ve read THISSSS far then you probably hate me. good. it is better for everyone that way, I actually am only still typing because I am stuck in some sort of mental trap where I have to write what I am thinking because I have been awake for too long with little sleep or food, but plenty of water of course, you would be retarded to not drink enough water. now I am going to smoke a cigarette and piss my bed.

  6. ok. last one I promise. I can’t help it, I don’t care what happens when someone reads this. whether they absorb a tiny bit of wisdom or if they conclude that I am some random crazy, either way it is entertaining and fun! but this is what I want to say, and if you read this after may other posts and still at least try to take It somewhat seriously or get something good out of it, then congradulations!! “the mind is like a computer, you can program it to calculate and process whatever you want, so long as 1 plus 1 equals 2 and 2 plus 1 equals 3. the soul is like a flowing river. the spirit is like a black rod (or a sword) that when you are standing of right sticks out of the earth like a telephone pole does. you can thow rocks in the river, and make a damn, or you can drain the river entirely. you can chop the rod in half or pull the sword out of the rock(aka the ground). you can damn somebodies rive, and use irrigation to syphon of that precious water and make it your own. somebody who does not have a way of keeping their own water from thieves or from “evil” magicians to simply pull out their sword or chop down their tree, they have no way of programming their own computer, and even if they did, the precious water that supplies it with the electricity or the metal rod that attracts the electricity are not able to supply the computer with the electricity it needs to run properly in the first place. what happens to computers??? they glitch, and malfunction. They get viruses from the World Wide Web(aka universal conscious / media) and eventually crash. those who manage to build walls around their house are safer, especially if they have strong gates and weapons, in such a case they may never need to crash, but only sleep for approx. 49 days. so make sure you have walls when you build a house, and good plumbing maintenance. and a couple rifles doesn’t hurt. get you 7 hours of sleep for every day in every 3 day period and don’t let untrustworthy individuals come in through your gate. and if you do, be prepared to shoot the hell out of them. if your computer crashes, how will you ever be able to watch all those insane porno videos or find out what people across the world are thinking?? life ends when the fun ends, and if someone else is on your computer all day and you can’t stop them, and they are going around, sending emails as you and getting you fired and making you lose your job, you will not have fun. and trust me, they love getting on other peoples computers, that way they don’t have to get their hands dirty. that’s right, hackers existed before pc’s did, and vampires existed long before Dracula. and possession is just as real today as ever, in fact more than ever. demons can come in through the box in your living room, they hop straight out of the pages of a book, they slither out of the mouth of your best friends and loved family members. they nest in you head, and tell you what you can and can’t do, what you want and don’t want to do, they make you nervous when you see other people, they make you mad when you forget how to do a simple thing, they tell you things that your deepest insides will never believe, but you mind sure as hell will. they make you see things, or not see them. they make you feel emotions to stimuli you normally wouldn’t. from day 1 you are told “when this happens you do this” , “when someone sais… you feel and say…”. and for brief moments you can ignore them, and you laugh and wonder why did I do/think/say that? but you will do/think/say it again, because they are still there. your entire personality has been altered to conform in whatever ways “they” need you too, whatever parts stuck out and didn’t fit into the part of the puzzle that they wanted they simply cut off. whatever parts where not there, they welded on. they make the choices, you don’t, and you have never even met these things. everyone else does it, so you rarely question. you poison yourself, you abuse yourself, and you enjoy it. they programmed you to derive pleasure from your own pain and suffering. they made you (computer) think that there is some noble, and courageous thing about blindly doing what you are told. be a good boy/girl. the older ones know everything and are never wrong. you should where this if you want to get a job. what you where determines the quality of your character, and anything out of the ordinary for most of you is bad. only those who want to die early (rockstars and revolutionaries) or those who want to have no real self-esteem and pride are allowed to where different (aka funny) clothes all the time. if you don’t smile all day so that your cheeks hurt you are obviously pissed of and depressed and need help. take drugs.(throw rocks in your river). but only the ones we give you unless you want to die young(your tree chopped down). we have the money, the power and respect, so everything we do is good. all the crimes we commit are either excusable because we make and enforce the rules, or they are all lies from conspiracy theorists who are also pissed of and depressed, and they are also crazy and jealous. have a open mind (believe everything you are told and have no real opinion), make sure at least one other respectable person has done it first. don’t be nice to werrdos, or else you will become weird. all that matters Is happiness, and ignorance is bliss. you can do the same thing every day but it’s ok, as long as you were happy (ignorant) then your life had meaning. (which was $$$, mow the lawn, take out the trash, slave for more $$$ that ultimately just goes back to them so that I can get a bunch of shit I don’t really need or shouldn’t have to pay for). don’t worry, you’ll go to heaven as long as you have lived a long, terrible, boring life and accept jesus as you master. he will make sure you never have to do this again, youll be in heaven forever. (floating in outerspace somewhere as a swirling cloud of nothing). and if you don’t do it, you go to hell where you roast in a burning lake of fire, again forever.( are trapped inside the searing hot core of the earth, or perhaps mars roasting in a hot iron core, providing a nice supply of fuel for the fire.

    I am glad I got that off my chest, now somebody else can suffer with insanity and I can sleep

    (by now, i think i should say that i am literally a crazy jackass. i am joking with most of this, so i hope nobody really thinks i am believing in this (literally!?) i can’t believe i have to say this but i just know that somebody will think “this guy is fucking nuts” or worse. so, just to make things clear, that is what i wanted you to think. psycho bable is fun. don’t take it seriously, don’t actually believe that i am trying to transmit my insanity (whether or not it exists) to you. i love everybody and i have a lovely boring life too. ok. don’t comment, don’t waste our time, just read if you want. i won’t argue so don’t try to start. i will just keep babbling unless someone says to stop because they of OCD almost as bad as i do and can’t handle seeing people write such outlandish things, even if its all a joke. if it is a huge and terrible inconvenience to have to scroll for miles down the page to get through all my poop then just delete the comment or whatever. just whatever you do, don’t let it be negative. don’t go on thinking “man, this guy is fucked up”, or “i hate this gibberish spewing jackass” or something like that. not because it affect me, but because you shoulden’t let me affect you that much. “god, why can’t he even spell, why can’t he just be perfect.” “he must want to start a argument” “hes not even funny and theres no point to this comment” etc. etc. etc. don’t think like that, because it will drain you of more of that precious energy that you need to prove to people that the necronomicon is a hoax. why you care, i don’t care. all i care about is typing. it just feels so good on my fingertips. i also just love seeing the little black letters fill up the box. it’s like im actuall creating something, but i’m not. wow. amazing. i suggest, that somebody who reads this should go and take a shower, induce vomiting, take some pills, read the bible. do whatever you need to cleanse yourself from the blasphemy. you can’t show up to work tomorrow dressed weird or drunk. and if you dislike anything about what i have written in this weird rant that i am still trying to understand why i let happen, then you should never ever ever ever ever ever stop watching tv and switch to nature, drugs, and crazy occult books from outer space. and you should certainly not stop doing the drugs after having made such a switch, because then you are crazy and you do things like rant. if i was still on drugs, i would have smoked a joint, and never started this rant. but boredom kills. jk. i can’t stop bullshitting. all i do is joke. what. who when where why, i don’t even know, or do i. i actually never read any books and i still watch tv. i am just going to stop now.( i never did drugs either, i am enacting some strange alter ego of mine that actually has done all those things and actually understands the concepts that i have been copy catting and pretending to know anything about in order to get it into the world of computer so that it will not be trapped in the world of bird flying with worm in mouth. and i can finally go to sleep knowing that i did something, even if it was meaningless and will never be seen or have any positive results because nobody who is sane has the time to read all this shit, and if they do, they probably won’t like it. gwaratarpagagagaqwintioshopme’entuallallallahaha.

  7. i really hope this page is as inactive as it seems, and that at least no one has any idea of who i am cuz it is EMBARRASSING. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  8. The page is hardly inactive, as I happen to be reading it now. I had been meaning to go over this particular part of the blog before, but have been engaged in other avenues of research and so am only getting to it now lamentably.

    As to your comment, I would have to admit that I stopped reading it’s gibbering nonsense after about the third sentence. Mostly because you make very little (if any) point at all – couched in fifth-grade verbiage, and with all the grammatical skill and precision of a cheese sandwich. Perhaps you should not be up so late – and on not quite so many drugs – as to be enabled to form a coherent sentence. Otherwise, you give the impression of a meandering lunatic.

    The Necronomicon does not exist. It has never existed. Lovecraft (“Ole Grandpa”) invented it whole and entire, and has stated this categorically in his letters to correspondents on more than one occasion. Similarly, the name of Abdul Alhazred was equally contrived, when he was 8 years old and in love with the “Arabian Nights”. This also he has attested to.

    As to the Simonomicon – the name “Simon” actually derives from the Hebrew, meaning “He who has heard/hears the Word of God”. In this particular case, though, it most likely refers to Peter Levenda (whose pseudonym is Simon) – as indicated by the U.S. Copyright Office’s registration for the authorship of the book “Gates of the Necronomicon”.

    As both a Ceremonial Magician (of the A.’.A.’. tradition) and a Lovecraft enthusiast, I have at one time both owned and looked over a copy of the Simonomicon – and while it is an interesting piece of cobbled together scattered magickal bric-a-brac from various and sundry sources – it is far from any sort of “abhorrent” nor “blasphemous” tome. I was disappointed, actually. I was expecting far more.

  9. (The comment left above was meant in reply to “random jackass” (novel and appropriate tag-name, really), but I was remiss enough to neglect to hit the “Reply” link – as I most likely should have. Though a cursory examination of my comment would probably bear this fact out, I wished to post this quick clarification, lest anyone mistake it as meant for Mr. Harms – which is was not.)

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