Curses Foiled Again, Part 1

My silence last Friday was due to the fact that I wasn’t sure I should post something on this blog. I don’t want to turn this into Dan’s Snarkfest, though some might argue it’s already there. I asked someone I know well and who doesn’t do well with sarcasm, and he said to go with it.

Here’s how I was last cursed.

Way back in early 2005 or thereabouts, I was approached by Darrick Dishaw, with whom I’d never interacted before, about attending his Cthulhu One convention. There hadn’t been a NecronomiCon, or any big Mythos convention, for three years, so it was tempting, but I decided not to go for my own reasons.

That February, I was checking out the alt.horror.cthulhu newsgroup, when I came across the following announcement:

hey, the convention is called CTHULHU ONE…

this convention is also serving as the birth of the Cult of Cthulhu – a
lovecraftian, satanic, chaos magic organization, of which i, darrick
dishaw, am high priest.

I have to admit, there’s something refreshing about someone just coming out and admitting that they want to start their own cult. It’s a big world, and there’s certainly room for somebody who wants to be a Lovecraftian Satanic chaos magician, howsoever that works. At this moment, I was more appreciative that I’d dodged spending a weekend birthing someone’s personal religious organization.

Darrick’s announcement was met with some ridicule. This prompted perhaps the worst PR release in the history of convention promotion:

Please don’t pretend you are an expert in things you clearly don’t understand. I practice magic just about every day, in fact, I could easily destroy you or anyone else that I wished with black magic. But generally it pleases me enough to let you sleep in your purely materialist worldview which also acts as your prison. Good luck with that… Hail Satan! Ia Ia Cthulhu!

The initial response among readers might be to snicker. As a trained anthropologist, however, I would ask you to consider the perspective of someone who believes in magic. This man has faith that some people can inflict death on others at a distance. So, what does he do? He comes into a chat room and starts threatening to destroy people left and right, never even considering that, just maybe, some of them (or their friends, or their relations) have the same power themselves.

Through the power of the open mind, we have just revealed what seemed, in one context, ridiculous, to be in fact turns jaw-droppingly insane when viewed in another. And they say anthropology never does you any good…

I don’t like seeing people threatened, even if they’re not taking it particularly serious, as most of a.h.c. was not. So, calling in mind previous threats to destroy me with magic, I told him off.

So, what happened next? Well, the title makes it obvious, but we’re not there yet…

UPDATE:  More here.

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