Curses Foiled Again, Part 3

In our last two installments, we have displayed how magical destruction and murderous ruminations can cause trouble with convention promotion. Now, the entertaining part.

Later, Darrick showed up on, where I came to know him a little better. He’s a bright guy, with a great deal of drive and creativity. On the other hand, his attitude toward women is questionable, and (as you’ve guessed) he has some problems with promoting himself. After a discussion about this, he snapped at me:

i take it your still sore from my organizing an actual occult Cthulhu Mythos convention.

No discussion of the cursing or about knifing people here. I explained this to Darrick patiently, noting that I actually saw nothing wrong with his religion or with running a convention, and that my actions were a logical result of his poor behavior.

Darrick had learned his lesson, and now knew that I actually wasn’t envious of his success. He finally got it, right?

the thing with mr. harms went back to the Cthulhu One convention as i mentioned… mr. harms began ridiculing a Lovecraftian con centered around not only the literary and artistic but the occult as well. he started attacking and i defended myself in kind.

So, not only did I display prejudice against Darrick for being an occultist, I was the one who cursed him first. I’m not quite sure how that’s supposed to work.

until his death, or until i release him, he will always be under my curse. that’s just the way it goes… i’ve destroyed more people using black magic than you’ve had hot dinners.

So, what does our black magician, who has destroyed more people than you’ve had hot dinners, do now that he has his enemy under his power unto death? What unholy tortures does he inflict?

hey guys, anyone who wants to “lay the smacketh down” on this Dan Harms guy who feels the need to antagonize me whenever i post on, is free to do so. 😉

That’s right. He asks his Yahoo group for help.

Unfortunately, I never heard from any of these people. Thus my apparent destruction, via getting Darrick’s friends to post mean things about me on the Internet, did not occur.

Later on, when I announced my blog, Darrick had the following to say:

well, i’ve been plagued by personal attacks from dan harms for more than a year now, not even sure why he began his attempts to destroy my reputation, other than the fact that i’m a black magician and Lovecraftian Satanist. so that’s pretty much my reasoning right there.

I can’t really argue with that. I mean, that’s his reasoning, and reasoning is always easier when you ignore what actually happened.

Looking back at the situation, all I can say is that his scenario in which I’m the one cursing him is starting to sound more and more plausible. So, there’s only one way to end this:

HALFREK: Oh, for crying out loud. Fine, the curse is lifted! We can all leave now! … Damn it.

UPDATE:  But was it over?

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  1. Is there any actual evidence that the Cthulhu One convention actually occurred and that the claimed guests of honor (Joshi and Robert Price IIRC) attended?

  2. Darrick says a few dozen people, including Joshi and Price, attended. There’s pictures on the Web somewhere, though those don’t really show more than half a dozen figures. I know my friends tried to talk Joshi out of it, but he decided he should honor his commitment.

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