Dead Names, Dead Dog: Scent of the Swastika, Part 2

In our first section, we looked at the mentions of the discredited Aryan race concept in the Simon Necronomicon.  Still, could this be a fluke, a mistake made by someone not familiar with the terminology?

As it turns out, “Simon’s” own source on this topic should have given him some warnings.

The Introduction to the Necronomicon refers to a “Waddell,” author of the Sumero-Aryan Dictionary as a source.  Oddly enough, this source is not cited in the book’s bibliography.  Nonetheless, we’ve managed to track down this source – The Sumer-Aryan Dictionary written by L. Austine Waddell and published in 1927 by London’s Luzac & Co.  Only the first volume, A-F, was ever published.

Just from the above information, a savvy researcher could determine that this was a never-completed work appearing half a century before the publication of the Necronomicon with the word “Aryan” in its title.  Such a combination, among most canny readers, would be enough to suggest that further delving is necessary before relying upon it uncritically.

A quick read of the introduction confirms the situation.  Therein, you’ll find this:

The title “Aryan”… is employed in Indian literature, ancient and modern, solely in a racial sense to designate the fair ruling and civilizing race as opposed to the dark aboriginal subject people…

And this:

…that the portrait representations of the Sumerians on their own monuments and official and sacred seals are preponderantly of the Aryan physical type; that the “Sumerian” Language with its writing was the Early Aryan speech and script and the parent of …the English, Anglo-Saxon, “Celtic”, Gothic, Norse, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, and all unsuspectedly also, of the Ancient Egyptian languages and writing; that this Aryan speech with its writing was spread over the ancient world by the Phoenicians, who were not Semites, as hitherto supposed, but the leading seafaring branch of the Sumerians or Early Aryans…

And even this:

…where no Aryan affinity whatever has hitherto been found or even suspected by Assyriologists and Sumerologists as existing in Sumerian, practically all the Sumerian words are radically Aryan, and that over 75 per cent of the current English words… are derived from the Sumerian…

You get the picture.  Even in these passages, Waddell displays the classic signs of crank literature – drawing hard connections between race, culture and religion,, broad handwaving attempts to associate vast and complex historical circumstances under a simple rubric, and accusations that others are unable to appreciate his personal genius.

This book, filled with outdated and clearly racist information, is “Simon’s” uncredited source for much of his linguistic material.  Waddell clearly sets out his agenda – to prove that the Aryan race was the source of all great achievements.  Ironically, he was working against the Nazi science of the time in order to prove that the Aryans ended up, and displayed their purest survivals, in his homeland of Great Britain.

Can “Simon” claim ignorance of all this?  More next time…

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  1. Interesting information, yet still off key. I often wonder wgy people always are trying to criticize the Simon Necronomicon, without first giving the system a try. You can find fallacies in all religions, just as long as you are actually NOT doing the work.

    Now let’s look at this rubbish you a spreading across the internet. The word Aryan finds its origin not among European people, but people of color. It was used to describe one who was on the path of god and one who live a “pure” lifestyle. IHelena Blavatsky stated: “The Aryan races, for instance, now varying from dark brown, almost black, red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy colour, are yet all of one and the same stock — the Fifth Root-Race — and spring from one single progenitor, (…) who is said to have lived over 18,000,000 years ago, and also 850,000 years ago — at the time of the sinking of the last remnants of the great continent of Atlantis.”

    Also if you look inside the Wikipedia comments you will find this explanation of the term:

    “The term Aryan originates with the Indo-Iranian self-designation arya, attested in the ancient texts of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, the Rigveda and the Gathas of Zoroaster.”

    What I find interesting about your ignorant article is that you have the term “Swastika” in the heading. If you knew anything about this symbol, you would know that it doesn’t originate with Hitler but was adopted by him after he reversed its appearance. Hitler also gave the term Aryan a physical characteristic not spiritual as it was intended. This hold tru till today, as the term “white person” was first used by African Moors to describe themselves. It was a term that dealt with class, not complexion. Yet after Europe came out of the “Dark Ages” or time when they were ruled by The Moors they began through ignorance to apply this term to a complexion. Who were the Chaldeans as talked about in the Necronomicon:

    “Godfrey Higgins, a reliable English antiquary says, “The Chaldeans were originally Negroes”.

    Professor Rudolph Windsor is in total agreement with this, which he states in his very noteworthy book, FROM BABYLON TO TIMBUKTU. He writes, “The Chaldeans and the other People of that region were Jet black in their complexion.”

    See the problem becomes quite obvious these terms had nothing to do with complexion (like Aryan). Yet there is another problem that persists today, and that is people not questioning European studies as regard to history. Remember, everyone has there point of view and ethnic pride. let me give you one example mister critic. Look up christopher columbus and the date october 21st:

    ” Columbus admitted in his papers that on Monday, October 21,1492 CE while his ship was sailing near Gibara on the north-east coast of Cuba, he saw a mosque on top of a beautiful mountain. The ruins of mosques and minarets with inscriptions of Quranic verses have been discovered in Cuba,Mexico,Texas and Nevada.”

    But i guess you won’t put out any blogs on that. It may disrupt your angle of history. LOL!

  2. […] I am quite grateful.  Our latest to speak out on some of the older Necronomicon posts (especially this one) is one Warlock Asylum, whose Myspace page assures us is a man of some importance: Messiah-El Bey […]

  3. […] gatewalkers for this.  I am curious, however, as to why they continue to endorse a book that makes use of an author who thought Sumer was built by Aryans as its chief linguistic source.  After all, by their own logic, might that not indicate that the work is unreliable? Possibly […]

  4. I have no problems with Moors discovering America first and building mosques. What I have a little problem with is bad Sumerian scholarship. Not that I have ever studied it at all, but neither have many other people. That leaves a great big wide open space for all sorts of “translations” and “dsicoveries” which can’t be immediately confirmed or denied. Sitchin’s work is an example. No one but he has found all the stuff he claims for Sumerian. Other Sumerologists don’t find UFOs, genetic engineering, ancient nuclear wars. Did Sitchin even have the slightest grasp of Sumerian? Not that anyone knows for sure. He just said he did, and sold a bunch of books on that claim.

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