Dead Names, Dead Dog: Blinded by the Dawn, Part 4

You might be surprised that I’m jumping back into this old series, but I just got some interesting information from one of our commenters on the Veils of Negative Existence.  I can’t verify it at this point without starting a new research project, but I’ll post it here and see what others might say.

It was called ‘The Veils of Negative Existence’ but within the Cromlech Temple it was called ‘The Veil of the Eternal Mother’. Although I do [not -DH] have an AO version it appears in a list of AO documents which I do have. Additionally, many of the copies of the Cromlech rituals I have bear AO labels.

“AO” in this context likely means “Alpha et Omega,” the branch of the Golden Dawn that remained with its head, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, after the schism in 1903.  So, actually, “Simon” could be right about the Golden Dawn link, simply by dumb luck.

That irks me, but the next part makes me feel better.

There is no ‘magic’ as such within it. It is a fairly abtruse, almost NeoPlatonic and Kabbalistic account of the origin of everything. However it is a fairly original account employing the concept of the ‘negative’ (in the sense of receptive) which is a distinct part of the Cromlech philosophy. Essentially, it posits that all existence and matter is feminine/negative in origin. Throughout the text are various comments added by Frater Shemesh who is apparently the Head of the Order.

And also:

…on looking again at the papers after many years, there is the following inserted noted by Frater Shemesh:  “A side note of the original M.S.  bears that thus far (sic) it was rewritten about the 7th or 8th century, by command of the Masters, by a learned Arab mathematician, the Masters considering that only the exact language of mathematics could express the mysteries herein contained. The animosity between the Arabs and the Persians was strongly manifest in the M.S., and this part was again rewritten by a later hand mindful of the truths contained in the older and pure Persian rituals and of our own debt to them. I Shemesh have endeavoured to present in modern language the thought and meaning of the old writer”.

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  1. I’m just curious… what irks you so about this Simon fellow? The ebb & flow of your passion seems hinged on him; if you detest him so, why bother giving him that power? Just push him away & be done with it!

    “But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…”


  2. I heard there were originally three veils of negative existence. I always associated the idea with some kind of limit of knowledge of the Godhead and with strictly Kabbalistic notions, not with any Goddess and not with any Virgin Mother, neither with matter or Matrix. I assumed Crowley got his idea of bearing his cross across the Abyss of self-ignorance from this idea in the Kabbala, but I have to admit I really don’t know and assumed an awful lot about the whole thing. You’d think that NEGATIVE existence would be different from POSITIVE existence, and that matter would be something different, unless you’re trying to say the endless light of the void is the positive existence and everything else is a shell.

    I guess it could still be Kabbala and be translated from Persian to Arabic and somehow get to England in the Middle Ages, via Spain or something. The idea of the receptive feminine is part of the oral tradition, “my darling and delight,” the reflective silent feminine consort of God, right?

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