Dead Names, Dead Dog: A Magical Muddle, Part 4

In our last segment, we pointed out that “Simon’s” first response to anyone of a non-institutionalized faith is to personally attack them for being a member of that faith.

This might be understandable given what we know about the man.  After all, “Simon” is a highly-respected bishop of, well, something or other.  We might assume that he sees organized religion and established stations as a higher good, and that self-imposed titles of any sort have no worth.  We might disagree with him, but we’d be able to know where he was coming from.

How does “Simon” fit the Necronomicon itself into that scheme?

Perhaps there is a Necronomicon egregore and this is its mission: to ensure that the technology for watching the Gate is in the hands of as many people as possible because we can no longer trust our priests, our bishops, our politicians, our scientists, or our cultural heroes to do that for us.

Well, maybe those institutions aren’t so great after all. I agree with at least part of this – I can name one bishop I don’t trust already.

What about those who believe in the Necronomicon?  There’s not exactly a central body to give them any sort of title…

The initiatory structure in its pages is designed for a different type of initiate: a kind of black bodhisattva, spiritually enlightened and empowered sage whose task it is to defend the race against these creatures before he or can make their own escape — an occult general, a master the mystic arts of offense and defense, a human being set apart from the rest who must monitor the Gates and the influx of evil influences that threatens to destroy the planet and enslave its inhabitants.

What can I say?  At least nobody’s handing out pretentious titles like “pagan.”

Time and time again, “Simon” claims that his book is part of a broader program of liberation.  Western culture has harmed the planet, our leaders have deserted us, and our faiths do not provide answers.  Old ways of thinking are only muddying the waters, preventing us to find our way out of the crisis. It is time to take matters into our own hands regarding our spirituality and our stewardship of this world.

It’s a compelling narrative, and one with which many people would agree.  Nonetheless, when “Simon” praises his followers for the same behavior he condemns in others, he makes his true colors known.  This isn’t about ideals of human freedom – it’s about propping up the Necronomicon any way he can.  We can safely assume that he regards those “black boddhisattvas” and “generals” with the same contempt he displays toward his detractors.

Let’s hope, for his sake, that the Necronomicon readers don’t wake up and figure out what’s going on. Then again, maybe we won’t.

Next time, we turn around the question and examine the credentials of “Simon” himself!  How does he measure up?

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