Dead Names, Dead Dog: A Magical Muddle, Part 8

At this point, one might be wondering if “Simon” really has practiced magic of any variety.  I know I was wondering that at one point.  Nonetheless, I decided to listen to those seminar tapes from 1981 once again to see what emerged.  Here’s what I found, in the midst of “Simon’s” detailed instructions on the Watcher ritual:

Well, I’m presuming in case… I’m presuming in cases where someone will think of something, what if this way or what if that way.  If I hadn’t done it that way, I’ll say “I presume,” you know, because if I haven’t done it precisely in the way they’re asking, then I have to presume.  I just don’t know.  I only speak from what I’ve actually done, you know, otherwise I qualify my statement.

That’s very conscientious of him, isn’t it?  Most unlike, say, somebody who wouldn’t tell you any of his experiences because he wouldn’t want to influence you.  Certainly it’s not the attitude of someone who’s not “that kind of person” who uses “spells.”

To be fair, it’s possible that “Simon” at some point decided to change his strategy between 1981 and today.  Still, he’s never once indicated that he changed his philosophy on speaking out on the Necronomicon.

So, let’s summarize what “Simon” has taught us about being a Famous Pseudonymous Occult Author:

I think I’m missing some irony in here, but maybe the rest of you can tease it out.

Because everyone’s been so great – and because I found something fun – I’ll be writing another short Necronomicon series, making it a sort of game.  After that, you’ll see my closing remarks.

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