Books to Watch For

Stopping by Peter Levenda’s blog, I find the following announcement:

In addition, I’ve been researching some arcane “ascent” literature concerning attempts by our ancestors (European, Jewish, Arab, Asian, Latin American, Native American, African, Caribbean … so, yes, all of our ancestors!) to reach heaven through ritual and meditation. It’s a continuation of some of the themes I explored in Sinister Forces, particularly in the (sold-out – what’s up with that? – and soon-to-be-reprinted) Volume 3, but in a heavier, purely academic, approach.

Here’s the interesting part. When I was over on the Sacred Magick forums, “Simon” told me that he was working on a project that deals with Jewish ascent literature. As I mentioned elsewhere, he also said he had another book coming out next year.

This can only mean one thing: Obviously, “Simon” and Levenda must be…

…working on two books on the same topic!

That’s great! I’ll be horribly disappointed if I don’t get to read both books. In fact, if one of them bows out, you can bet they’ll never hear the end of it!

Night, folks!

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  1. heh.

  2. heh.

  3. thought you might like to know what simon looks like. He is on the left

  4. Interesting. And not just for the obvious reasons. With world enough and time, this could be the seed of a really interesting study on the construction of internet personae.

    Or not.

  5. Thanks for the photo!

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