Gates of the Necronomicon: “Simon” and “Simon”, Part 1

Let’s sit down for the first part of our debate. I’d like to thank… um, both of the participants for coming here and answering some questions.

We’ll start with you, “Simon.” Now, you’ve worked and written under a pseudonym in Gates. Can you give us some idea as to why you do that? Does its nature as a guidebook for spiritual enlightenment have something to do with it?

Basically, the data received from such journeys may be published, discussed, or otherwise disseminated if that is the consent of the secret society concerned; however, the identities of the individual members who have undertaken these “subversive” acts should be protected at all costs. Hence, the need for aliases and “Order names”: names taken by the individual members reflective of their “secret” identities and/or goals. – Gates

That’s pretty damn cryptic, but you seem to be suggesting that you’re taking on the name “Simon” due to some mystical society’s decision that you be compared with, I don’t know, Simon the Cat or Simon the Game or Simon the Chipmunk. Have you ever thought about ditching those bastards?

Never mind. Let’s move on to “Simon,” who has also written a book under a pseudonym. Why’s that?

The difficulty perhaps is not so much the church, of course, the church is an element of my concern, but it is the other people. I have been, since the Necronomicon I have been stalked, I have been followed on the streets by people trying to find where I live, what church I am with, all of these things. It has been a great deal of pressure on me since that time. So I have been very very jealous of my privacy and my security because only because there are many strange people who for their own reasons seem to be desperate to know more about me and I feel that’s not appropriate… – Coast to Coast

That’s certainly understandable…

It’s a matter of privacy and trying to separate one type of work from another I guess. – Coast to Coast

Stop right there, mister! There’s only one answer per “Simon” allowed. Besides, your first answer was a lot better. And what’s this “I guess” business? Shouldn’t you know why you have a pseudonym? Sheesh.

Luckily for you, our special color commentator has shown up. What about you, “Simon”? What’s your reason for hiding your name?

…I have always found spiritual “teachers” to be dangerous and have resisted the temptation to create a cult of my own, hence my anonymity and use of a pseudonym. – Dead Names

I see where you’re coming from – I keep having people show up at my door who want to enter into an abusive spiritual relationship with me. Well, they say they’re selling band candy, but that’s just a front. Handling it doesn’t require a pseudonym, though. Just tell them you appreciate their sincerity, but you’re trying to watch the puppet episode of Angel, so if they’ll go home and remove Keanu Reeves from the wicker man, you’d be grateful.

That’s all the time we have. Join us later for another exciting debate between “Simon” and “Simon”!

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  1. LOL!

  2. I thing the main reason he does it is because fans of sinister forces would see him as some kind of hypocrite if he told everyone who he was

  3. If this was in person, I’d do an Anthony Hopkins impersonation and start quoting Marcus Aurelius. I am convinced that, all circumstance aside, “Simon” is “Simon” because he likes and needs to be “Simon.” The material from Earth Religion News indicates that he took on the identity years before he was hocking a book.

  4. […] forgot to maintain the author’s anonymity.  Then again, maybe Levenda confused them by using so many different explanations for the pseudonym that they became completely […]

  5. […] statements that the document below directly contradicts.  His reasons for keeping his pseudonym keep changing, and none of them explain why he was publishing book and movie reviews three decades ago under […]

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