Cult of Cthulhu Bible Review: Darrick Speaks, Part 4

I try to keep to one post a day, but Darrick’s just sent me an email. As it’s already posted to his forum and he’s off to send it to his 1,500 MySpace friends, I assume it’s all right to quote part of it here:

Apparently the fact that I appreciate women’s bodies and my heterosexual preference disturbs you, Dan. This is unfortunate, but not unexpected. I’m afraid you leave me little choice but to “out” you as a homosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that! – Seinfeld). If you prefer the company of men, then that is fine by me. I have homosexual friends and even support gay marriage; however, persecuting me and calling me a misogynist because I love women is uncalled for.

I’m glad to hear that Darrick’s not “outing” me due to any desire just to make cheap debate points or get revenge for my interpretations of his work. Surely that would never occur to someone with so many gay friends!

While I’m on the topic, though, I did have a genuine question for Darrick, given his clear though hitherto unnoticed status as a gay rights advocate. I’ve read both of Darrick’s books for his Empire of Satanis RPG. As I’ve stated, all the fiends in this setting are male and all the humans female, and sex is a huge part of his game.

Oddly enough, though, none of the fiends are gay.

I’m certain this was a deliberate choice on Darrick’s part. Perhaps he can clear that up in the comments?

UPDATE:  More here.

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  1. Waiter? Take this back – there’s absolutely no grit in the ad hominem.


  2. The books make allocation for allowing it in game-play.. Reread them, and you’ll see what I mean..

    One of Darrick’s gay friends

  3. That’s a little vague, Blackwingbear. I mean, every roleplaying game could be said to “make allocation” for playing whatever you want. Can you be more specific?

    And do you believe that outing people is OK?



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