Cult of Cthulhu Bible Review: Darrick Speaks, Part 6

I’m about to head out of town, but I just stopped by the Cult of Cthulhu forums. Let’s see what story Darrick Dishaw is telling today! I’d better respond to save my good name, right?

well, it looks like there have been some minor edits recorded in many Mythos-oriented entries on Wikipedia in December and January. and Dan Harms has told me that he’s a frequent contributor and even set up some of the information on there, so i don’t know if he has the power and authority to change things without it being recorded?

That’s right. It’s the “Dan has admin privileges on Wikipedia” argument. Bear in mind that my list of edits on Wikipedia is so modest as to be almost embarrassing. Note that Darrick hasn’t bothered to check with Wikipedia to see if I am an admin there…

What about this brave statement from a few days ago?

the fact that Dan Harms has altered the Cthulhu Mythos Wikipedia entries AFTER reading Cthulhu Cult in order to substantiate his claims. words fail me, Mr. Harms. honestly, how far will you go to discredit me?

A definite fact! But sometimes, those pesky “facts” and “events” can change retroactively:

my accusation was actually just my best guess of what happened. i don’t have any solid proof that he manipulated the Wiki entries after he took a look at Cthulhu Cult.

Ah, but when did a lack of solid proof stop Darrick?

It gets better.

also, there’s another possibility… i did give a few “preview” copies of the unfinished document to certain people over the last year. as i’ve said, i had been working on the book for 2 years.

so it’s either possible that Harms got a hold of one of these previews and did some Wiki editing.

Note: If you’re one of Darrick’s close friends or boosters who got a draft copy of the book, he’s throwing you in front of the train to save his own skin.

Still, let’s pretend like this is a serious charge, because it’s funnier that way. Somehow I got the confidence of one of Darrick’s friends, who sent me a draft of his book. I, fully knowing that it was only a draft and might see print in a completely different form, spent the last year creating dozens (at least!) of false identities and spoofing tens of IP addresses to incrementally change the site so that, between December 5 and 14 of last year, the text in one entry would look almost exactly like the one in his book!

(In case anyone’s wondering if there’s proof Darrick visited the Cthulhu entry in the last year, after he “finished” his “research,” you might check these edits, which were quickly taken down. Seeing as how devious I am, of course, it might be that I created a “Darrick666” ID and posted advertisements to the Cult of Cthulhu there, just because I knew I’d need to prove that Darrick looked at that page. Of course, I wasn’t competent enough to post those edits during that nine-day time frame, though. Or did I post it at another time because it would look more plausible? Damn, I’m sneaky!)

or that the Wikipedia entries changed over the two years to reflect what i wrote.

They just… changed! Like… magic! To the same text!

i hope that clears up some of your questions, ****. still a mystery to me though.

Did anyone else get a Sarah McLachlan song in your head when reading that?

Darrick – check your email. And a word of advice: when you’re in a hole, the first thing you want to do is stop digging.

UPDATE:ย  More here.

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  1. Where do you find these clowns? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What is your problem? Jesus Christ, do just like to make enemies? Or are you out to make publicity for yourself? You remind me of a co-worker that had a problem with everyone because he was a brat and talked so much drivel that I was the only one who could stand him for more than 2 minutes. But when confronted with the fact he was worthless, his real persona came out as a coward who needed to believe that he was better than everyone else to function. You sir, seem to act just like him.

  3. Everyone has to pick their own battles, Unnecessary – why does it bother you so much that this is important to Dan?

    But before you go feeling all smug, Mr. Harms, shame on you for dragging a perfectly good song into your tawdry affairs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Bon voyage, though!

  4. Unnecessary Nameless, or whoever you are,

    I “made” Darrick my “enemy” by telling him to stop threatening my friends. He then cursed me and claims to have caused my destruction, which hasn’t happened yet. Type in his name in the search box on the right, and start with the oldest post. Despite any way he tries to spin his past actions, the evidence is out there for anyone who takes a look.


    What can I say? I have to go with my inspiration.

  5. My sincerest apologies Mr. Harms. I usually make decisions by seeing both sides of an arguement but this time my impatience and exuastion overcame me. I saw most evidence one side and very little on the other. The reason why this was personal is because I hate when people talk down to others. I believe in an arguement as heated as this should be discussed personally between you and Mr. Dishaw, not in the court of public opinion. If you have tried this tactic before without success then these responses are reasonable. Again sorry for my remarks they were uncalled for.

  6. The reason why this was personal is because I hate when people talk down to others.

    Goddammit, I *just* got my irony detector recalibrated and then this comes along.

  7. […] accusing me of falsifying Wikipedia entries, telling people that I was gay, speculating that I was a Wikipedia super-user of some kind, and repeatedly threatening to sue me in email, Darrick has admitted three months later that he […]

  8. Dear “Unnecessary said”
    You’re expecting talking to him to do what exactly?
    Psychotic narcissists rarely take advice
    I figure it mostly sounds like static to darrick.
    I have to say though, teh honerable black high-priest MR SIR Dishaw is my favourite unintentional internet comedian

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