The Cult of Cthulhu Bible: Darrick Speaks Again

Darrick Dishaw, a.k.a. Venger Satanis, has spoken out on the recent affair of the Bible:

yeah, Dan personally emailed me about a week after Cthulhu Cult was made available… showing me his “review”. i responded to a couple of his blog posts which created even more of his opinions.

it’s true, i did borrow quite a bit from Wikipedia’s Cthulhu Mythos entries and then changed some things. that section in my book clearly states that these are not my opinions but “conventional Mythos scholarship”. after giving it some thought, it wouldn’t have hurt to mention Wiki as a source, so that’s exactly what i did. luckily, a glitch came up in the lulu approval process and i was able to go back and revise the manuscript for free (normally a $100 fee or something). in the frontmatter section i cite Wikipedia as being the basis for my information in that chapter.

everything else was just Dan blowing things out of proportion. but if it makes Cthulhu Cult more notorious, then all the better.

So, after saying he was only “creat[ing] a pastiche” of various sources, accusing me of falsifying Wikipedia entries, telling people that I was gay, speculating that I was a Wikipedia super-user of some kind, and repeatedly threatening to sue me in email, Darrick has admitted three months later that he actually did “borrow” the text in question from Wikipedia.

I wonder when he’ll give it back.

Some views are expressed in that thread that I’d like to address here. I’ll skip the ones about the Old Ones smiting me – that’s between me and them – and move to the concerns with me being an “ambulance chaser” of the occult. Of course, either Darrick or “Simon” accusing me of sensationalism is hilarious, but I’ll address this nonetheless.

I do enjoy the sort of work I do on these topics, but I also write because I feel getting the word out on them is important. There’s a great deal of obfuscation and misinformation in the occult world that I’ve seen over the years. I give my attention to those with the highest likelihood that they might lead to actual harm.

Thus, I pay attention to the Cult of Cthulhu. Here’s why:

Darrick has a history of threatening people, whether legally or magically, who merely disagree with him or eject him from Internet forums. He’ll make up uncomplimentary versions of what happened after the fact, even when the original material is clearly visible. He advocates the sacrifice of people who “cross” him in graphic terms, a position that even most Satanists have repudiated. He’s even been privately plotting for his members to follow me around online and post messages on other forums that have banned him with the intent of upsetting the members:

i wouldn’t hate it if people posted one-line announcements of this forum at these Cthulhu forsaken forums:
anywhere Dan Harms goes

It hasn’t worked – the problem with having a group where everyone does their own thing is that few people do what you want. Nonetheless, a public good exists from putting this sort of behavior on record, in case others encounter it in the future.

If you’re a member of the Cult of Cthulhu, what does this mean for you?

First, in every instance mentioned, Darrick has recorded himself as representing the Cult of Cthulhu. In effect, when Darrick does these things, he’s doing them as a representative of you and all other members of your organization. A leader who brings his organization into every personal dispute is a poor leader. If I were in any such group – no matter how sympathetic to my views or beneficial – I’d get out as soon as possible, before I had to explain my dealings with them.

Second, bad behavior directed toward one person can often predict bad behavior toward others in the future. Lest people think this matter is a Darrick-Dan issue, let me make one final point that this latest development has made abundantly clear.

Darrick, even though he knew the origins of the text, was more than willing to suggest that someone he trusted might have leaked the Bible’s manuscript so I could alter Wikipedia. The number of such people couldn’t have been large. Likely this was a member, or a close friend.

No matter who it was, Darrick was apparently ready to accuse someone close to him of treachery so he didn’t have to take responsibility. That’s certainly something for anyone involved in the Cult of Cthulhu to think about carefully.

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  1. How silly.

    >“Simon” accusing me of sensationalism is hilarious,

  2. One quick note regarding copyright claims:

    Wikipedia articles are indeed copyrighted. They can be used in other works under the GNU Free Documentation License, but a strict procedure has to be followed:

  3. There’s a great deal of obfuscation and misinformation in the occult world that I’ve seen over the years.

    Heh. I thought obfuscation and misinformation were part of the very definition of ‘occult.’

  4. I wonder if anyone at Wikipedia has made any noise about this.

  5. Hank,

    Absolutely. Nonetheless, I think there are differences between secrecy maintained for debatable purposes throughout occultism, and that which is just used as a cover for a con.


    They haven’t, because I haven’t told them. Given that each entry is the property of the authors of the page, it’s difficult to tell where exactly to report such a thing. Perhaps a message on the talk page…

  6. Dear Dan,

    I’m sorry to hear (read, actually) that your life has been spiraling out of control since Dark Forces were evoked to destroy you. I am sacrificing this tasty garlic bread and half a bottle of red wine to the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the hope that things will turn around. Hope that helps.

    Yours in Sagan,

    -Pope jonnyX-

  7. Meh, the forums are locked down again. You’d think he was paranoid or something.

  8. Your Holiness,

    That was surprising to me as well. In case anyone’s wondering, Darrick maintained that he had “sources” that informed him that my life is spiralling out of control, which it isn’t. Besides, anyone who could serve as a spy for Darrick obviously should be radiating so much lameness as to exclude meaningful interaction with most people.


    Yeah. Funny, isn’t it?

  9. I don’t watch TV, but if Quinn Martin came back and did a 70s style action buddy show with characters based off of Simon and Darrick, I’d start watching again.

    “The Road to Ryleh”
    A Quinn Martin Production

    Act I
    The Shadow over Fraudsmouth

  10. […] UPDATE:  More here. […]

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