On the Shelf – Doing Business in the Adirondacks, Part 2

Last time, we looked at Eugenia Macer-Story’s Doing Business in the Adirondacks and its notes on “Simon” and Peter Levenda.

Having discovered this connection, I decided to perform my usual deep analysis via Google.  Returning to the Amazon page, I found the following addendum in the publisher’s information:

Peter Levenda, an author mentioned in the first two printings of this book, contacted me in 2004 with the information that he is not the young fugitive mentioned in the tale about a covert black magick network. (page 155-56). After a brief correspondence, the possibility emerged that since the “real” author Peter Levenda had lectured during the 1980’s at the Magickal Childe bookstore, which was my connection point with the young fugitive fleeing alleged “black magick”, that this young man may have assumed Levenda’s name in conversation at the store and later during his escape to the Southwest U.S. from some type of covert pressures in New York City. According to the “real” Peter Levenda, his only consistent personal connection with the Magickal Childe bookstore was via a jeweler from the New York City area . This is significant due to the fact that the young man using Levenda’s name in the early 1980’s was selling by mail order from the Southwest U.S. talismanic items of jewelry marked with “angel sigils”.

On the NYC occult scene, of course, it would be difficult to carry out such a charade for long, at least not without some physical similarity between the two (I have seen pictures of both, so I can say that’s the case).  In addition, if another person did carry on such a charade, they clearly had quite a strong interest in ceremonial magic and the ability to carry out a plausible charade.

For a while, I’ve faced a conundrum.  On one hand, I have plenty of people coming up to me telling me that “Simon” is Peter Levenda.  On the other, both “Simon” and Peter Levenda had both assured us that they are separate people.  Only one possible explanation, suggested via the above information, can account for these two pieces of data:

“Simon” is Peter Levenda’s evil twin.

If you think about it, it’s quite plausible.  “Simon,” having impersonated his way through the Magickal Childe scene for years, must flee the area when his secret identity starts to unravel.  On his way there, he has an epic battle with an aggrieved Peter, who injures him badly enough to put him in a coma for twenty years.  Once he recovers, “Simon” writes Dead Names, a book that transparently makes the case that he is indeed Peter Levenda so he can return to his former lifestyle, as part of a calculating plan of revenge to take over the family business and win back the woman he loves.

Hey, it could happen.

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  1. Wait…I thought they were triplets?

  2. Wow, once again an epic showdown between Peter and Simon. Do you think it might have been like the original one in Rome, around 60 AD, with Simon flying around in the sky yelling “Peter’s god has no power over me,” only to plummet to the ground when Peter prays ? I think we should consider the possibility that these may be reincarnations of the original Simon and Peter; it’s the only logical solution. (after all, if he was an evil twin he would have been called Thomas…)

  3. Your knowledge of soap opera cliche is, quite possibly, more frightening than any other body of knowledge you possess. 🙂

    Aside: How did the presentation go?

  4. Henchman and Christian,

    Oh, this story gets better. More later.


    It went really well. But that’s another post.

  5. All of a sudden I see Simon/Levenda as a character in Chinatown:

    “He’s my twin!”
    “He’s my father!”
    “He’s MacGregor-Mathers!!!!!”
    *queue cliffhanger music*

  6. Hey, which one of the Peter Levendas is this: http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/?id=4397

  7. Oh, that’s the Peter Levenda who turns up whenever there’s a major tragedy to comment on its vast significance in terms of the sinster forces he writes about. But we know I’m an occult ambulance chaser, so who am I to talk?

  8. […] this contradicts a statement elsewhere that Levenda didn’t have much to do with the Magickal Childe scene, but that’s pretty […]

  9. […] sources now, so I can indeed confirm that the Necronomicon edited/authored by Simon (or maybe his evil twin) will be issued in hardback in a new “deluxe edition” in […]

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