Proof the Necronomicon Is Real

Yes, folks, the Simon Necronomicon is real!  And I’m going to prove it right here on Papers!

While reading through the Greek Magical Papyri (see more about them here), I found the following phrase:


That’s right, folks.  The ninth word in is obviously nothing other than “Cthulhu”!  This random phrase in a collection of thousands of magical words is clear proof that the tradition of the Necronomicon existed centuries before the mad Arab, in the temples of Roman Egypt!  Nothing could be plainer!

The sad thing is, if “Simon” had known about this, it’d have gone into Dead Names in a heartbeat because it’s better than a lot of the material in there.  After all, this particular version of the word “Cthulhu” doesn’t start with the letter B.

Nonetheless, you fiction writers and Game Masters can use this particular factoid to your heart’s content.  Have at it.

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  1. AMAZING! This is most certainly complete and irrefutable proof that the Necronomicon does indeed exist. There is simply no way anyone could ever reason otherwise without the use of desperate and laughable circumstantial arguments. Well done!

  2. In greek Katholo means, “belonging to All”, sure, this is the root of the word Catholic.

    ¿Catholics serve Katholo?

    Interessing aproach 😉

  3. anyone who beleives this shit is fucking retarded!

    • you doubt the words of our great lord Cthulu!? Then may our lord eat your flesh wrapped soul.

      • the necronomicon is real my friend you are close minded there is a whole world out there that assholes like you dont know about i dont serve Cthulu i’m just open minded and i reasearch costantly study costantly about the possibilitys of this world.let me ask you,have you ever praticed Necromancy have you talked to the dead? then you dont know shit about this, who are you to decide whats real and whats not keep your opinions to yourself buddy or stay off this site

      • @am kwn – This might come as a shock to you, but NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE appointed YOU keeper of this site. Who are YOU to order anyone to keep their opinions to themselves or stay off this site??? What a Nazi you are! Just a suggestion – take your own advice.

    • There is a lot of crazy shit in history and religion books…but your right…the necronomicon was said to be nothing but a bullshit fabrication by the same guy who made it up

      • And do you believe every “official” story? That is the biggest mistake a sheep can make. Going solely by what people have said. People have said a lot of things with hidden motivations. Those who know the truth usually find value in keeping it to themselves. The rest get killed. Sad truth.

  4. One reference about something that may or may not exist cannot be considered proof no matter how much we would like to believe it. This should be treated as a starting point. If there is genuinly a link then eventually there will be more than one reference no matter how obscure. We need to keep looking.

  5. Hey, I am VERY interested in following the Necronomicon’s ways and gods but I really don’t know simple prayers or ways to praise them

    I would appreciate it so much if someone could guide me, give me some tips or something to help me on my journey

    Thank you!

    PS- Great news that its real, always believed it though 🙂 thanks again

    • i am in the same boat. well… kinda. i am am just a 10 year-old boy trying to seek out the necronomicon l so i kind see the balance between the game of life and the outer being, Cthulu!

  6. i hate to saY this but its a start but its not total proof but i thank you for discovoring this it is a major start

  7. did necronomicon really exist? where can i buy this book? im really interesting reading them, but not doing the ritual inside of it ‘coz i think its very dangerous

    • There is no real necronomicon…it is just a book made up by lovecraft. There is still much literature and insight to be found in legit books on similar ideas eluded to by lovecraft’s fabrications. So don’t waste your time chasing after a fictional book but instead research and read religious theology and history books that will shed some light on the universes mysteries. That is what so called writers of the necronomicon did.

      • So do you not believe that John Dee translated a book that was known as the Necronomicon? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on why so many practitioners of black magic claimed to worship and be in contact with entities that went by the same names as these entities which seem to relate to the entities of Sumerian traditions.

  8. Please never have children.

    As for seriously-written books on dark, occult, and supernatural themes — in all truth they don’t amount to much. That is why it’s more fun to invent mythical works like the Necronomicon and Book of Eibon.


    • Lol what books have you read? There are loads of “seriously-written” books on the occult and dark practices that are very eye opening. Not in a positive light but their beliefs are cryptic and very important. Even more so to those of us who oppose them. Downplaying them is exactly what they want and why they are written the way they are written.


  10. I am the darkest minded person in the world with strange and complicated ideas I am sure for some reasons which are unknown to me I am banished and my limitless powers are waiting for me to be resurrected again I so I have to learn Necromancy again which I was a master in it for the glory of Darkness who is familiar with it should contact me and shows me the way I am recalling the ones who have faith in Dark souls like me.

    • My friend for what you seek can be found in psyclobin containing mushrooms or if you dare Datura (please do your research if you decide so)
      I was once consumed by chaos but have found the right path, a balance of both order and chaos, and I suggest you do so too because in the end you are nothing but a shell for maelific forces to use and corrupt.

      It is evident to me that my warnings will go unnoticed but I speak from truth and what is truly pure, I myself, like all am connected into this game of life but the perception of something otherworldly has become part of me, my soul.. What is it? I don’t know but it is clear as daylight that I am never alone. I have evidence of my own so I am not concerned about its reality but rather it’s nature..
      For the sake of addressing possibilities that this is the work of a fiction writer I must assure you it is not. As if I would care who believes me or not though.. I am simply trying to aid you.
      Good luck, may you find light within the darkness.

      • You definitely sound like your from the Order of the Golden Dawn

  11. the necronamicon has been hear longer then any other written language, it was given to the sumeria people by dimensional beings that powers are more refined and powerful then gods, it is only dark to thous who make it dark like any other religious book.

  12. in context let us remind ourselves of the old testament beware those who arouse leviathan. Leviathan was and still is of the Sumerian and Babylonian text that does exist pre date Christ himself this great serpent caused earthquakes tidal waves and much of the sort much like possibly the dinosaurs of old. did it exist obviously there is proof and in Lovecraft’s novel the necronomicon there is substantial proof that it did and the old testament as well. but thru the course of history man decides to change many things. where as there possibly in my opinion and look this up if you wish to know the truth Google,wiki,bing even text books for I have studies many years on the mythos or existence of the Sumerian and Babylonian text. I don’t believe in one god its totally impossible I do many researches on myth legends and the like Christianity and many other religions. Knowledge is the root of absolution. anyways i digress look up Leviathan and many of the old gods. there are many things that will make you ask questions and some you’ll get right off the bat do some research and find the truth. To be close minded is to close the doors of truth. Think of this question and then start from there do you believe we are either alone in this world or in the possibility of many galaxies out there there is life outside our own? if you answered that there is more then a possibility that life does exist outside of earth then your well on your way and are not close minded to the fact that life outside of us does exist. those of you who don’t believe that’s your choice and will live unhappy stuck individualistic robotic lives.

  13. I want to add more to this but i wasn’t sure how the last post and how long i could type. Think of this who was Samson a man with super human strength and of course a ego to boost who wouldn’t. ahh but where am i going with this you ask simple now who is Hercules? Same personality i would think from reading ego to match and well super human strength. just thru the course of both there histories what says they didn’t exist to be one man was he Greek, Christian no one will ever know its not like we have his bones to study. I think in my own opinion it was the same man but the only thing is who and what was he was he a man of the cloth or the son of the great god Zeus. Odin,Zeus,God Christ,Thor,Hercules and many of the others even the virgin Mary has many similar stories look it up if you don’t believe me look at the similarities and not just blind faith look at the truth and read don’t skim thru it read. So to say that one religion doesn’t exist and to say is fiction possibly means you have blind faith and are stuck in your ways. there are many religions out there that we don’t acknowledge such as Wicca, only what because they try to use nature nature is the form of everything around you the air you breath the fires we use the trees we make out of paper to wright on the computer your using right now is made from man but the parts are from nature. think before jumping to any conclusion is what im tryn to say here. don’t judge unless you plan on being judged yourselves remember that..

  14. I am looking for a real book for summoning spirits/demons. I don’t want to read fiction. Does anyone have any books they would recommend to me? Any suggestions would help.

  15. You’re right, there’s no way that those three simple sounds could have been combined and written down in one of the billions of writen works in the thousands of years of civilized human existence before Lovecraft created the fictional creature Cthulhu.

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