Surprise! Simon Is Peter Levenda!

Today, Papers brings you what is easily the least amazing occult revelation of the new millennium!  Simon, author of the Necronomicon, the Necronomicon Spellbook, Gates of the Necronomicon, Dead Names, and Papal Magic, is actually Peter Levenda!

…as if we didn’t know that already.

Anyway, below is a scan of the first page of the copyright registration for Gates of the Necronomicon.  I left off the second page because it contains the personal name of the HarperCollins employee who filed the paperwork.   Feel free to reproduce this page elsewhere, so long as you link back here.

For anyone who wants to say that this is awful of me to do, I’d point out that Peter Levenda has claimed not to be Simon (and vice versa) on several different occasions, statements that the document below directly contradicts.  His reasons for keeping his pseudonym keep changing, and none of them explain why he was publishing book and movie reviews three decades ago under those names.  It’s time for some accountability.

So, here you are:

Form TX for Gates of the Necronomicon

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  2. This is a “monumental” claim (I suspect. at least, for some people). So, why not reveal to the world full disclosure by scanning the second page, redacting the Harper Collins employee name, thereby leaving nothing out that could be construed as conspiratorial on your part?

    Anything else leaves the lingering taint of mystery that haunts these types of social and literary curiosa.

  3. […] 21, 2007 Back on my Simon is Peter Levenda entry, John writes: This is a “monumental” claim (I suspect. at least, for some people). So, why not […]

  4. simon or peter levenda doesnt materzthe man is a profound genius like musashi (go rin no sho )

  5. He’s a jerk and a Narcissistic pathological liar and always will be.
    But who cares anymore?

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