Darrick Dishaw vs. the Church of Satan, Part 2

When we last checked in, it was 2005, and Darrick Dishaw, a.k.a. Venger Satanis, of the Cult of Cthulhu, had announced that he wanted a position of leadership in the Church of Satan, which would become part of his brand new Internet cult.  What happened next?

Many different perspectives have appeared on the Church of Satan.  Only one matter is for certain here:  the Church of Satan does not want to join your lousy Internet cult.  In fact, their site features page after page after page about how much they don’t want to join, affiliate with, or have anything to do with your lousy stinkin’ Internet cult.  At least some of these were up at the time, but Darrick seems to have missed them entirely.

Well, that, along with another point of news:

We are currently phasing out Grottos, so no, your “Cult of Cthulhu” cannot be recognized as a Grotto.

As you can imagine, Darrick was able to respond in a calm and non-insulting manner:

however, i see the CoS slipping away into the darkness (perhaps i’m wrong). especially now that you’ve told me about the phasing out of the grotto system and considering the outrageous $200 membership fee. is the CoS proposing to shed itself of the magical philosophy that it was founded upon as well?

A quick note on Satanic history:  In 1975, many members of the Church of Satan left that organization, with some of them forming the Temple of Set.   (I’m vague about the numbers because neither group is really clear on them.)  The two organizations have differentiated themselves theologically with their approaches to the supernatural.  Roughly speaking, the Temple of Set embraced the view that magic can cause change in the world by the magician’s will altering the laws of the universe.  The Church of Satan views magic as efficacious psychodrama meant to work on emotions to effect change within a person.

As it turned out, Darrick subscribed to the Temple of Set view.

To make this all perfectly clear with an approximate mainstream analogy, Darrick walked into a cathedral, told everyone that they should also join his church while making him a bishop, and asked, “What are the funny little booths for, anyway?”

How’d it go?  You’ll find out.

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  1. I think that’s my favourite bit of the entire exchange (although it’s full of gems, of course) — DD’s dismay at the “outrageous” membership fee. Classic.

  2. I first came across this discussion posted a couple of years ago on alt.satanism and never even entertained the thought that the Cult of Cthulhu would still be ‘active’ now. What I find most amusing is that Darrick has the exchange archived on his website as if it shows him in as the powerful magus standing up to the beauraucratic and decidedly non-magickal church. He can’t quite grasp that it actually makes him look like an ass and not like the iron-willed Satanist with a dark vision that he perceives himself to be.

    Here’s an example of the powerful magick that the Cult carries out: http://www.cultofcthulhu.net/baptism_jade_ichor.htm

  3. “http://www.cultofcthulhu.net/baptism_jade_ichor.htm”

    Is that for real? He’s got green poo on his head! And why is he trying to look like Anton LaVey? Tsk-Tsk, originality is alive and kicking still… when will folk understand that Lovecraft was not only a superlative writer, but had a fine sense of humour to. One wonders what he would make of all this deadly-serious cult malarkey.

    “A prime example of occult faddist’s chicken-with-a-beak-on-the-line methodology is their tendency to grab up anything that has been set forth as arcane.” LaVey was spot on with that observation. So many so-called magicians, sorcerers, occultists, priests (both high and low) et al are simVly grasping at straws in an effort to make their lives seem more interesting. It would seem that Mr Dishaw has taken the hook, the worm and the angler.

    And he seriously needs a decent tailor.

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  7. lol.. absolutely hilarious!

    I figured this guy would have moved back in with his mother by now and be bagging groceries at some supermarket…

  8. What a dickhead!

  9. Dan, I have a serious question – I am trying to research when Venger took his name. I took my magical name (Venus Satanas) back in 2004, and I am trying to track the time line of when Venger took his name. It’s just for curiosity’s sake. Our names are similar but it has always bothered me in some ways, especially if his choice was not original. If it was then I think that I know what inspired it – a D&D character who was a force of evil, called Venger. Its on google. His history online is shady, covered up in areas, re-written, so its hard to determine a solid time line of this name. Thank you for your time.

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    • Julius,

      Perhaps writing the Church of Satan might be more productive?

  11. […] between the CoC and the Church of Satan are purely philosophical, noted Lovecraftain scholar Dan Harms presented the Venger Satanis versus the Church of Satan quite some time ago. In the article Harms made the following […]

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