Order of the Hidden Masters

How hidden were they? So hidden, as a matter of fact, that everyone got the name of their founder wrong, save for me, who didn’t hear about them until a few days ago. Weiser Antiquarian has put up an essay on this London-based correspondence-course magical order from the early Twentieth Century, including its head’s links to H. Spencer Lewis and Aleister Crowley, along with a bunch of books on the topic.


Willow:  You mean [mouths the word] Angel?  I saw him too.
Giles:      That’s not very stealthy of him.
Willow:   I think he’s losing his edge.

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  1. C’est bien interessant. I’m always fascinated by how people become the sort of people you’re interested in writing about, if that makes sense. What diverts somebody from an ordinary life to one spent poking about in oddity.

  2. Not only did ‘everyone get the name of their founder wrong’, Weiser compounded the error by getting it even ‘wronger’ in their (now) edited essay.

    Thrill-seekers and mystery-mongers may continue to speculate to their heart’s content; they will never discover the identities of the heads of this entirely secret order.

  3. Re the Weiser essay; whilst the idle curious continue to identify
    the gentleman mentioned as being “Head” of the Order, the Masters remain, as their name suggests, truly Hidden.

  4. Hi Leo

    I was a friend of OH Masters, very fine individual, would like to renew my friendship. Please let me know. Thanks. JR

    • I don’t think you can have been a friend of ‘O H Masters’ as there never was an individual of that name.

      As other contributors have written, the Order was and remains an entirely SECRET organisation which aims at the TOTAL SUPRESSION of the personal element that ruins so many of the finest groups of occult students. This cuts out any possibilty of the advancement of one member at the expense of the other, favouritism, envy, arrogance, back-biting and all worst elements of lower Human nature which bedivil every Occult society I have ever encountered.

      The Order remains SECRET and works in SECRET. If you GENUINELY wish to contact them for sincere reasons drop me a line at suzannemich771@reincarnate.com

  5. I don’t wish to disrespect anyone’s beliefs, but coming to my blog and posting comments talking about your secretive order makes it, perhaps, not so secret.

  6. […] article therein.  (I almost asked why the Order of Hidden Masters, once headquartered there, keeps coming out of hiding to post on Papers, but I decided to avert their wrath.)  I also stopped by the British Museum bookshop, where I […]

  7. I was a member during my college years before I was unable to communicate with the society and/or headquarters in GB.
    I would like to reinstate my membership if it is all possible.

    Thanks immensely.

    Yours truly,

    Eugene T. Toby

  8. A fine school that I return to on a regular basis for clearity.I welcome other OHM friends communications stevengodlewski@yahoo.com

  9. Have you guys thought about getting your own forum? Not that I mind you stopping by, of course.

  10. With the kind permission of the person responsible for this forum, I wonder if I might make a small contribution to the discussion. Firstly, there is a clear semantic difference between ‘secretive’ and ‘secret’, and ‘secret’ in turn does not mean ‘uncontactable’. I can also confirm with certainty that the message of May 14, 2009 is false, and I believe that the messages of February 19 and May 15, 2009, for example, are highly likely to be authentic.
    The writer of the essay mentions the “utmost respect” with which he has come to regard the Order of the Hidden Masters and I am sure that this sentiment would be echoed by all those who have had the privilege of having been in contact with these excellent women and men. That they have the ability to help those who are ready and willing to enter a life of Light and Beauty is something I can personally vouch for. I was a member of the Order of the Hidden Masters many years ago at a young age for a sum total of three years. That circumstances of life have still not permitted my re-establishing contact with this incomparable Order has in no way diminished the great love and respect, not to mention gratitude, that I hold for them. I would strongly recommend the O.H.M. to all sincere, interested people.

    • My family was involved with the OHM for almost 40 years. The lectures from year one and two are very interesting. It is the post graduate course material that is completely fascinating. I estimate about 10,000 pages of materials and correspondence. I would love to hear from other previous members.

  11. If the owner of the site will permit a further comment on this topic I would simply like to say two things in the hope this may clarify certain points regarding this SECRET Order:

    1. The ‘Secrecy’ appertains to both the subjects taught and to membership. i.e. there are NO personal contacts of any sort, so no possibilty of ‘hearing from other members.’

    2. One cannot be a ‘previous member’. One either joins and stays or leaves (or is expelled!)

    • Thank you Stone for confirming the order is still active. I agree with you, with respect to the secret nature. I was hoping that with the age of the internet and anonymous identity I could learn something. No intention of sounding like an insensitive individual. My appologies if I am adding more noise here, just another seeker. Best regards.

  12. At the risk of trying Mr Harms patience and goodwill further, I am surprised that in the light of recent events ‘OHM-PJ’ should think that there is any possibility of being ‘anonymous’ on the Internet!!

    And whilst I am NOT a prophet (nor do I wish to be one), it seems pretty obvious to me that the recent invasion of privacy via mobile phones and social networking sites, etc., can only get MUCH worse.

    In any event, secrecy has always been a sine qua non of all GENUINE Occult Orders. As other posters have pointed out, if secrecy achieves nothing else, it cuts out any possibility of jealousy, envy, strife, squabbling and similar vices which bedevil even the best of human institutions to the detriment of all concerned.

  13. With permission, may I clarify a couple of points recently made.

    As has been said several times, the Order is secret in every sense of the word. It IS possible however, to “hear from other members”. I say this from personal experience. Some years ago, in an Arena far removed from the world of magic and the Occult, I came upon another member with whom I both spoke to, and exchanged letters with over a period of about 2 years.

    It does happen that some students may lose outer contact with the Order for a while; expulsions however, are exceptionally rare. The Order seldom attracts the ‘wrong’ type of student. Those seeking glamour or personal glory tend to look elsewhere.

  14. I enter with memory
    Wanting to return.

    • I was involved for a year or so with the OHM.
      That was in the early eighties. The lectures were very interesting. I had wanted to know the purpose of life on earth.
      Then I lost my teacher and never heared from them again.

      Teke Elive Jacob.

  15. Hi Dan,

    You may want to update/delete your links on this story as Weiser seem to have taken down the pages. I also came across a blog recently (name escapes me!) claiming AC started this Order. He does seem to fit the bill rather better than Michaud or Houghten.


  16. Hello Frater Meus,
    You may be interested to know that AC was a student of this Order for some time, but was expelled. He and his followers attempted a fruitless vendetta for some years afterwards, which amounted to little. The actual founder was neither Crowley, Houghton or Michaud, nor does it matter who the founders were as a fruit is judged by its taste and not who picked it off the tree.

    • Dear Edda,
      Has your ‘Group’ considered the work of Henry T. Laurency’s Pythagorean Hylozoics? If so, I would very much like to hear an ‘opinion’ of it. Thank you.

  17. Heart’s-ease is a flower which blooms from the grave of desire.

  18. Well, I remember the Oder referred to back in the 1980s; I think I might have judged too harshly by the fact that their presentation wasn’t professional enough looking, but if the Order is still going in 2015, then this alone speaks volumes for its integrity and, well, just integrity – the hallmark surely of a truly spiritual group of people.

  19. I’m not so sure about that…have you seen their online ads? Even AMORC don’t stoop THAT low.

    I see the name has even been trademarked by some offshore conglorerate that is also involved in gambling??!! Mr Crowley would not be amused at all, he was far too much of a gentleman…

    I think it’s safe to say that IF the Order still exists it’s not under any name known to the public or Google.

    • The website I think you are referring to is a scam and has copied content from the OHM’s genuine webpage and affiliated sites. You can easily find the genuine article through the occult-mysteries.org website which introduces genuine seekers to this Order which does still exist today. There are other scam sites as well which amount to a breach of copyright, however I understand the Order does not have the financial wherewithal to take legal action.

      • The Order referred to from the website mysteries.org website, is not the O.H.M order, anf in fact they claim no affiliation with the O.H.M. Is anyone familiar with this other group/Order?

  20. The two previous posts raise several interesting points. As we have been reminded, the taste of a fruit is far more important than the person who picked it. *** I also feel constrained to counsel all to exercise extreme care and caution in their quest for this Holy Order. Only those with the required spiritual ‘search engine’ will succeed, the Order is not a refuge for lost souls. The French mystic Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin wisely said: “I have desired to do good, but I have not desired to make noise, because I have felt that noise did no good and that good made no noise”.

  21. In reply to ‘Nick’ and the oddly-named ‘ct330’, which, according to Google is a ‘carpet thicknesser’—make of that what you will!—a ‘spiritual search engine’ is not a requirement for finding a true teacher or true teachings on the Internet. You just need to engage your critical faculties. Those who know the taste of genuine things will always be able to tell butter from marge, or in this case, the real Hidden Masters from their many imitators.

  22. In connection with my post dated June 21 – picked up by the impressively-named ‘oculus maximus’ – my real initials are in fact CT, and 330 was the number assigned to my email by yahoo, nothing more nothing less. Those seeking to sharpen their spiritual taste buds (butter from marge!),could do much worse than reviewing the post dated May 15, 2009.

  23. […] and I do apologize for the delay in getting back to people.  That is, unless you’re with the Order of the Hidden Masters, in which case, no apology – but just keep being […]

  24. Famous secret occult groups certainly have their work cut out for them – why, the promotional efforts alone!

  25. Indeed! You would think they’d find their own little corner of cyberspace to peddle their wares, rather than using Dan’s blog to do it for them! Personally, I’d kill this never-ending saga, but Dan is obviously too decent a guy to do that. 😉

  26. I do find many of these posts highly amusing, although I suspect some are clearly tongue-in-cheek.

  27. Genuine orders do not need to ‘promote’ or ‘peddle’ anything. Nor do they blatantly advertise themselves or make a profit from their students.

    • Oh! So that must be why one so rarely hears of them, then 😉

  28. Quite so, Mr Dall. Who has ever heard of the ‘Brotherhood of Bifurcated Jackasses.’ Not many, I should think. And no, I’m not making them up. They exist, or did in the 1920’s, fronted by a dude with the wonderful moniker of Leroy ‘Freedom’ Hill Henry (1860-1932), of Burbank, CA. Yes, the eternal home of fruits and nuts—where else?

    His not-so-secret brotherhood (sound familiar?) produced several books on mystical and occult themes, many of which were prefaced by rib-tickling comments such as: “Price 25 cents, which is too much if you don’t read it and not enough if you do. ” That sounds familiar too…

    He was fond of telling his pupils that the reason he sugared his teachings with a large dose of corn-syrup was because “most folks can’t take the Cosmic teachings straight.” That certainly seems to apply to some of the contributors to this thread; the writer excluded; I’m only here for the laughter, which I hope I have added to in some small way…

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