The Testament of Solomon, Part 7

When we left Solomon, he had captured the demon Ornias with the help of his magic ring and the demon Ouriel.  Next, he takes Ornias up on his offer to “bring up all the demons.”

Technically, this is a lie on Ornias’ part, because he doesn’t have the power to summon them.  He can, however, take Solomon’s ring to Beelzebub, the prince of demons.

Beelzebub comes with quite a pedigree.  The most likely derivative of his name is Baal Zebul, the “Exalted Lord of the Earth” in the Syrian city of Ugarit.  Within their myths, Baal was a great god who killed a dragon and thereby attained great stature in the cosmos.  In other words, he’s very close to the “Marduk” who plays such a prominent role in Babylonian mythology and the Simon Necronomicon.  As he was one of those pesky popular foreign gods, the Hebrews came to see him as a demon, and we get some passages in Scripture in which Jesus is accused of having received the power of exorcism from this demon.

None of this means Beelzebub gets any respect in the Testament.   Ornias shows up in the underworld and demands that the king of demons come to Solomon.  Beelzebub begins to dissemble (“Tell me, who is the Solomon of whom you speak?”) but Ornias has no patience.  In fact, he seems to be enjoying himself when he flings Solomon’s ring at Beelzebub’s chest and tells him to that he’s summoned.  Beelzebub is forced to follow his servant up to Solomon.

When Beelzebub gets there, Solomon spares him the full interrogation for the time being.  He’s much more interested in having the other demons brought up to him.  And the first question he asks is a curious one.

We’ll go into that on Monday.

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