The Testament of Solomon, Part 9

After Onoskelis leaves, Solomon asks for another demon – any demon – to be sent.  Immediately, he and Solomon get into it:

I asked him, “Who are you?”  He scowled at me and said, “And who are you?”  I said to him, “You (dare to) answer (so arrogantly) when you have been punished like this?” He continued to give forth the same look and said to me, “How should I answer you?…”

Soon, we get to the roots of the new guy’s attitude:

“…although I was born of a human mother, I (am the son) of an angel; it is impossible for one of heavenly origin (to speak) an arrogant word to one of earthly origin.”

As with Ornias, the newcomer is another son of the Watchers, the angels who married human women to give birth to giants and evil spirits as described in the Book of Enoch.

After mentioning that his constellation is Ursa Major, he reads Solomon the riot act:

“So do not ask me so many things, Solomon, for eventually your kingdom will be divided.  This glory of yours is temporary… we shall disperse among human beings again with the result that we shall be worshiped as gods because men do not know the names of the angels who rule over us.”

The king has had enough and orders the demon beaten.  Finally, the newcomer cooperates.  He has quite a resume:  murdering, plotting against the recently married, driving women mad, and causing virgins to become ugly and hard-hearted.  And we also get his name:  Asmodeus.

Who is this guy?  Find out on Friday!

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