Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia Update

I need Allen Mackey’s “The Caller from Oklahoma” from the magazine The World of H. P. Lovecraft.  If nothing else, I need the passages describing the Ssathaat Scriptures.

I use the word “need” in the loose sense, because that was really the last item on my wish list for the book and I doubt too many people will miss that entry.  I mean, I have to dig a Pugmire book out from under the futon and look something up, but that’s just a minute’s work.  The book is, for all intents and purposes, done.

That doesn’t mean that it’s complete, by any means.  There’s quite a lot in small-press fanzines, amateur press association mailings, and Internet sites that I just didn’t get to, but I was at the point of diminishing returns already.  Plus, it seems that most modern authors either grab material from the old Lovecraft Circle or make up their own creations rather than borrow from others, which means they aren’t included under my “mentioned in two authors” rule.   I think it’s good enough to stand on its own, and only diehard collectors will notice the difference.

I’ve asked my publisher if I can put up the revised foreword here.  I really like what I accomplished in it, which is examining what occultism tells us about the Lovecraft and the Mythos.  I thought it would be stunning and controversial, but my Lovecraftian friends who looked it over just said, “Yeah, that works.”

Last I checked, orders were still open for the signed hardcover and the signed trade, so you can order one just in time to tell that special someone that they’ll get their gift in six months.  Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

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  1. I just accidentally stumbled over your Blog – I have the book in question and could provide the material therein, as well as the context in which the Ssathaat scriptures are mentioned in the story “The Snake Farm” (if needed). How should I provide you with the Information?

  2. Manolito,

    Check your email.


  3. Hello, Happy Christmas! I am Allen Mackey. I have only recently become aware of this post. I have been away for 20 years but now I am back…unfortunately, I do not have ANY of my old tales. (Or any of my old collection). BUT– I have recently composed a few fragments of the _Ssathaat Scriptures_, a couple of which are out on Scribd. (I have an issue of _Yellow Leaves_ coming out early next year from Atlantean Publishing. It is called “The Yhtill Tablet.” I have quite a few new fragments from the fictive arcana of the Cthulhu Mythos. I’m looking for places to get them published.)

    Is this Daniel Harms? I have always admired your work! Thank you for putting me in your 3rd edition of _The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia_ six times! That was awesome! And I seem to recall that you referenced one of my articles (“Disciples of Zann”) in the 1st edition of _The Necronomicon Files_. I was wanting to get ahold of you to see if I can get copies of my old stories. I would like to put them all out as a small pdf collection… I would vastly appreciate this boon. Thank you for your interest in my ancient Native American tome. And I thank you for your time. Again, happy holidays. Yuletide from Yuggoth.
    Yours in the Pallid Mask,

    Allen Mackey

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