Happy New Year

I’m opting for a quiet New Year’s Eve.  The snow’s been falling at the Undisclosed Location, and I don’t really feel like braving the loud, drunken crowds.  (Not that I have anything against readers who are loud and drunken; we’re probably best off separate, that’s all.)

I just finished the Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia, and I’m wondering whether I really want to go through the pain of spell-check.  Most of the book is very accurate, and for a book like this, running Word’s spellcheck function means practically creating a new dictionary word-for-word.

In case anyone’s wondering, a kind commentator did send me the material on the Ssathaat Scriptures, so that’s a final hurdle overcome.  The book could contain more information, but it’s a nice size, and I think you’ll be as pleased with it as I am.

I’ve had a low-key day, mostly spent reading Tolkien’s Children of Hurin, an acquisition made during a book run made during a quick visit to FTL.  Before encountering Lovecraft, I was a huge Tolkien fan who delved into all the minutiae of Middle Earth.  If you wanted more Tolkien, this is a good book for you; otherwise, you should likely take a pass.

I’ll be watching one of my Christmas gifts – The African Queen, a movie apparently unavailable on DVD save with Mandarin subtitles – and working on a Delta Green game that I promised I’d run some time this year.  (When one of my players said she wanted to play her old character because she “fit in,” did she mean because that one has a 99% Handgun skill and can throw people through walls with her mind?)

In the meantime, the forces of karma continue unabated:  I convinced my family to see Sweeney Todd, and now I have a Boohbah in my trunk.

At any rate, have a happy Feast-Day of Yibb-Tstll, and keep safe.

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  1. Here in Japan, it is already January 1, 2008. Anyway, I wish you a Happy New Year!

  2. Aye Happy New Year from foggy England Dan.

    Here’s to the gravid teats of Yibb-Tstll continuing to nourish your blog; keep blogging, Papers rocks.


  3. Monsieur Harms,
    Starting the New Year with a roguish Bogart on a houseboat can only bring good things. Happy 2008 cheer to you from Brooklyn, where we could hear the Times Square masses across the river.

  4. Bravo on finishing the encyclopedia! Nothing like starting a year with one major project under one’s belt.

    How did you like Sweeney Todd? And what on earth do you plan to do with…no, never mind.


    Happy happy,


  5. Happy New Year!

    May a welcome abundance of weal and wonder wind its way to HarmsHeim this year.


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