I started my new research for the upcoming “Necronomicon” presentation by going through the back issues of Green Egg at the Major Research Library mentioned previously.

Let me ask you a question.  Why in the blazes would anyone check out a reference book that was an index to a set of microfilm?  It’s not a subject guide, or a detailed index – just a list of which magazines are on which microfilm.  What’s the point?  If you take the book home, you still have to go back to the library to look at the microfilm.  It’d only make sense if you could check out the microfilm itself and if you had your own personal microfilm reader at home, which I think nobody has.  Further, why would any library let someone check it out to begin with?

Enough!  We’ll actually have relevant posting in a little while.

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  1. *eyebrowraise*

    Someone checked it out? That had to have been a staff member, for nefarious librarian purposes.


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