The Testament of Solomon, Part 21

It’s time once again for our return to the much-anticipated/dreaded posts on the Testament of Solomon. It looks as if I had two Parts 19, so I’ll go back and correct that before going on.

As is to be expected, Solomon is once again calling up a demon, this time a “three-headed dragon with an awful skin” called “Head of the Dragons.” It really sounds like “Heads of the Dragon” to me. After describing how he brings deformities to unborn children and epilepsy, the dragon says:

“But there is a way by which I am thwarted (, namely,) by (the site) which is marked ‘Place of the Skull,’ for there an angel of the Wonderful Counselor foresaw that I would suffer, and he will dwell publicly on the cross…”

Once again we return to the notion that Solomon, wise as he is, is incomplete without knowledge of Christian doctrine. But the dragon isn’t done:

“But at the place he ascended, King Solomon, he will erect a dark pillar formed on the air after Ephippas has brought gifts from the Red Sea, from inside Arabia.”

Someone – I think it was Klutz – observes that these little hints of the demon – the one from the Red Sea that Beelzeboul mentioned – appear alongside the references to other demons being thwarted by explicitly Christian words and symbols. If so, were the two inserted into the book for another purpose? I’ll speak more on this when the aforementioned demon finally appears to Solomon.

The Head of Dragons tells Solomon that, just by coincidence, there happens to be some gold hidden beneath the foundation of the temple. Just as with Scepter, this establishes the use of spirits as guardians of treasure, which was to continue down through the centuries. If this was a bribe, it fails; Solomon tells him to make bricks for the temple.

Next – Solomon has a bad hair day!

(As always, quotes are from here.)

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