The Testament of Solomon, Part 23

Once Solomon finishes with Obyzouth, he calls up another demon:

…there came to me one who was in the form of a wallowing dragon, having the limbs of a dragon and wings on its back, but the face and feet of a man.

And who might this be?

“… I am the so-called Winged Dragon.  I do not copulate with many women, but with only a few who have beautiful bodies, who possess a name of Touxylou of this star.  I rendezvous with them in the form of a winged spirit, copulating (with them) through their buttocks…”

Once again, the demons provide us a little more information than we needed.   From a textual standpoint, however, it once again highlights a long-held Old Testament tradition that non-reproductive sex, as well as sex with outsiders, is inherently dangerous.

What about Touxylou?  There’s been considerable speculation on that point.  By changing a few letters, you can come up with something like “of the wood”, which might be a reference to the Cross.  Of course, such a reading would cause us to look for a mention of the demon Ephippas, which normally occurs alongside explicitly Christian elements, but there’s none to be seen.

In Rewriting the Testament of Solomon, Klutz notes that the above construction is impossible in Greek.  Instead, he believes that it’s a reference to Sagittarius.  As with Aquarius and Ornias, it would signify that a particular part of the world, governed by that constellation, would hold particular women of interest to the demon.  Klutz’s analysis then becomes increasingly speculative – Onoskelis has goat parts, and goats are associated with Capricorn, which would give us a sequence of three constellations in reverse zodiac order, which means… well, he’s not sure.

Next time, the curious story of Eros, and Solomon’s poor job placement skills resurface!

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