Averoigne, Part 2: The Introduction

Next week, we return to the land of Averoigne!

The new campaign saw a few players leave and new ones come on board.  Even though the Averoigne game isn’t a huge commitment, it’s certainly a long one – six months or longer – and that can wear on people after a while.  Thus, for Part 2 we bid a fond farewell to Thibault le Gris, summoner of Vyones, and Richard le Courtois, lawyer lately of Paris.

Thus, our new roster of heroes stands as follows:

Bruyant le Grand, priest of Vyones
Pierre le Butelier, wine merchant of Vyones
Marcel de Hyers, Franciscan friar recently of Italy
Julien le Grand, law clerk recently of Paris

Having worn myself out with the last few Averoigne turns, I decided to tell a smaller tale in terms of scope.  I worked in a couple of elements from the characters’ backgrounds.  For instance, Julien had left Paris hastily after he stabbed a tavern-keeper, so I wanted to work that in.  Also, Bruyant concealed his rage beneath a calm exterior, and I knew I could make that important as well.

As for the antagonist, we’ll just say that I took a classic horror trope, sheared off all of its modern accretions and baggage, and presented it in a completely medieval light.  In fact, the version as presented in this tale is based heavily on one particular real-life occurrence that I’ll share when all is done.

Given the length of these games, unexpected events are the norm.  In this case, it took the form of one player having to leave the game to take care of real-life events.   As it turned out, that was exactly the player who I wanted to have on hand at the end to respond to a final situation.  At that point, I was relatively comfortable writing for the character, so overall I think it went well, and the player came back for a turn or two to finish out the game.  If you like, you can try to guess which player had to bow out as we go.

So, check in next Sunday, Averoigne fans!

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