The Testament of Solomon, Part 24

The mysterious Winged Dragon demon from last time continues its baffling exposition:

“One woman I attacked is bearing (a child) and that which is born from her becomes Eros.  Because it could not be tolerated by men, that woman perished.”

Eros is the Greek name for the god of Love, and was often taken as a title of Cupid.  Is this some bizarre reference to the myth of Cupid and Psyche, in which Cupid pretends to be a hideous dragon?  Will the Dragon give us more information?  Will Solomon actually ask what in the blazes he’s talking about?

Do we even have to ask?

The Winged Dragon now observes that the demons are not happy,

“they will cause the stack of wood about to be gathered by you for construction in the Temple to be consumed by fire.”

As the demon was saying these things, suddenly the breath coming out of his mouth set the forest of Lebanon on fire and burned up all the wood which I was going to put into the Temple of God.

Once Solomon finally gets the name of his angel out of him – Bazazath of the second heaven – he assigns the Dragon to cut marble.  You really get the sense that none of those involved in the text really cared too much about what the demon’s assigned tasks really were.  Frankly, if I were in Solomon’s place, I’d send him to get more wood, instead of just chopping marble with a whole crowd of demons.

Next time – Solomon hears, and ignores, another prophecy!

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