The Testament of Solomon, Part 25

After the Winged Demon leaves him bereft of wood, Solomon, having yet to learn his lesson, calls up another demon, this one with arms and faces on her shoulders.  He learns that her name is Enepsigos, and her qualifications are extensive:

“I hover near the moon and because of this I assume three forms.  At times I am conjured up as Kronos by the wise men.”

This allies her both with the Greek Titan Cronus and the three-faced goddess of the night Hecate.  She continues:

“On account of this, therefore, I say to you, this Temple cannot contain me.”

Solomon becomes angry and chains her down and seals her with the seal.  She responds angrily:

“You are doing these things to us now, King Solomon, but after a period of time your kingdom shall be divided.  At still a later time this Temple shall be destroyed… Along with these (events), also all the vessels in which you have entrapped us shall be broken in pieces by the hands of men.  Then we shall come forth with much power and we shall be scattered here and there throughout the world.  We will lead astray all the inhabited world for a long time until the Son of God is stretched upon the cross…  Because of this, King Solomon, your time is evil, your years are short, and your kingdom shall be given to your servant.”

Solomon finally seems to have been shaken from his pride, as he writes:

Though I was amazed at the defense of the demons, I dismissed them and did not believe the things which were said by them until they occurred.  But when they happened, then I understood, and at my death I wrote this testament to the sons of Israel and I gave (it) to them so that (they) might know the poweres of the demons and their forms, as well as the names of the angels by which they are thwarted.

And thus, the Testament ends.

Or does it?

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