Darrick Dishaw: The Origin Story

A little while ago, someone asked me, “How did you meet Darrick Dishaw, head of the Cult of Cthulhu, originally?” They didn’t phrase it so awkwardly, of course, but it’s an interesting story.

My first contact with Darrick came in November 2004, when he contacted me as a potential guest of the Cthulhu One convention to be held in Madison on April 30 of the following year. Contrary to what you might think from reading past posts, I was actually thinking about going. Sure, I knew it would be an occult-oriented convention, but that really didn’t matter.

The only nagging question was, “Who is this guy, anyway?” If you spend your time in fandom, you start to get an idea as to the people and personalities, if only because you hear their names. I’d never heard of Darrick before, and I was uncertain about what that entailed.

To find out more, I wrote the Stevens. Next time, what we found!

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  1. April 31st must be even spooookier than April 30th.

  2. You physicists and your precise calendars!


  3. […] Dishaw: The Origin Story, Part 4 We return to my original story from our digression. I’d received an invite from Darrick to attend his Cthulhu One […]

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