Darrick Dishaw: The Origin Story, Part 2

Back in 2004, I had been contacted by Darrick Dishaw as a potential guest for his convention. Not knowing anything about him, my friends and I went out to look for information.

One of the key sources we came across was Darrick’s posts to Usenet in 2001, as kept at the Google Groups archives. Darrick had only spent a few months there, under the handle “darkcolors9@webtv.net”, and had racked up only a small number of posts.

If you’ll pardon me, a digression is in order.

One of these posts – made to alt.satanism on February 13, 2001 – has since become of interest:

I found myself trying to rationalize the CoS’s behavior until I got fed up and quit. There is life after the CoS, though. I have my own satanic organization now. It is very small but guess who calls the shots? Not some grotto master on the east coast. Hail Satan and Hail
Thyself! D

“Wait a minute,” you’re saying. “How could Darrick be kicked out of the Church of Satan if he wasn’t a member?” It’s a good question, especially considering some comments Darrick made in a recent radio interview:

I was a member starting probably in, maybe around 1998… That’s when I think I became an active member of the Church of Satan, and that’s when I was… yeah, 1988, that’s when I graduated from college, English degree … and between then and 2004. There really wasn’t anything going on with the Church of Satan. I’d try to contact other people, administrators, and grottos, try to start my own grotto, try to work within the system, and really nothing was going on, no one was doing anything. The organization itself seemed to be shrinking into itself and becoming increasingly insular and paranoid and lashing out at anyone that seemed to step out of the Satanist mode. And so I just came to realize this really wasn’t for me, and I just became more and more outspoken and cared less and less about what the Church of Satan administrators wanted for their organization.

Darrick leaving halfway through his membership time to start his own organization doesn’t quite square with the whole “working within the system” theme above, does it?

So, I figured it would be only fair to contact Darrick and ask him what had happened. Next time, Darrick speaks!

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  1. riveting!


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