Darrick Dishaw: The Origin Story, Part 3

I wanted to be fair to Darrick about his early departure from the Church of Satan, so I contacted him for his response. What did he have to say?

back in 2001, i was already feeling frustrated by the Church of Satan’s lack of involvement in the world and as a movement in general. nothing was being done and i could tell that the CoS was starting to go down the tubes. i sent a letter to whoever was the head of the CoS at that time along with my red membership card. a month or so later, i got that letter back unopened. the post office had sent it back: return to sender. apparently the CoS had moved or perhaps by that time the Black House had been demolished.

not sure if i took that as some kind of sign or was just too lazy to find where the new CoS headquarters had relocated to and i just began work on what i believe was a group called the Order of Satan. that didn’t really take off, as you can probably guess. so i was still officially a CoS member until around Walpurgisnacht 2005 when i was then removed from the CoS officially. however, in spirit, i had moved beyond the CoS a long time ago.

I think we should respect Darrick’s principled decision to move himself away from an organization with which he found himself having little in common.

We can prove his sincerity what he sent the Church of Satan in 2005, when he had moved beyond them:

even though the Cult of Cthulhu is its own thing, i would like it to be recognized as a Church of Satan grotto… i would also like to consider the Church of Satan as an affiliated branch of the Cult of Cthulhu.

To understand this, we have to think as Darrick does – on a truly global scale. If you move far enough beyond something on a globe, you eventually come back to it!

Yet we do not wish to deny Darrick his statement that his founding of his own Satanic organization on February 13 came after a long period of reflection, and about a month after he had mailed his membership card back to the Church. Even those who do not agree with his philosophy must admit that such prolonged soul-searching is a sign of true character.

Do you think another revival of neo-romanticism is approaching? As a member of the Church of Satan, I have a vested interest in such a cultural revolution. Hail Satan, D

Then again, if he was on Usenet ten days before his announcement telling people that he was still a member, that might a sign of something else.

Next time – we get back to the story!

UPDATE:  Darrick was concerned that some of you might not understand what was going on.  I don’t think that’s the case, but to sum up:

  • Darrick made a statement.
  • Darrick’s story didn’t match the evidence.
  • Darrick made another statement to explain the contradiction between the statement and the evidence.
  • Darrick’s statement to explain the contradiction between the statement and the evidence itself contradicts the evidence.

Got it?  Let’s move on.

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  1. awesomeness. you should have been a lawyer, Dan.


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