Isaac Bonewits’ Real Magic School

Former Archdruid Isaac Bonewits, author of the book Real Magic and its translation into Gamer language, Authentic Thaumaturgy, is starting a new school called the Real Magic School. The school, still in its formative stages, will offer training in many aspects of the magical arts and is seeking accreditation (from whom, I’m not certain).

Though I respect Isaac, I must oppose this, as it means that it will generate another round of inane Hogwart’s jokes and thereby cut into the collective IQ of the world.  Nonetheless, I wish him all the best.

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  1. There was a real scathing piece of commentary on the Wild Hunt Blog that encapsulates the situation. For years, Isaac has been agitating for the creation of paid clergy, and perhaps views this as one way to fit the bill.

    Alas, no one has been truly willing to pay his clergy bill. Pagans overall are resistant to the idea, perhaps because they’ve seen enough of that sort of thing in their religions of origin, perhaps because the people constantly agitating for it are those we’d be least likely to want to pay.

    Sorry for the early morning snark. Meh.

  2. If you check with godaddy , This site you are talking about the domain is owned by Don lewis from “witch school” Yet they are saying on the website it is owned by Isaac Bonewits. We all know that it’s the person who owns the domain that will control it in the end .

    Created on: 25-Jan-08
    Expires on: 25-Jan-09
    Last Updated on: 14-Feb-08

    Administrative Contact:
    Lewis, Donald

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