Darrick Dishaw: The Origin Story, Part 4

We return to my original story from our digression. I’d received an invite from Darrick to attend his Cthulhu One convention. Not knowing who this guy was, I had sent my friends out on the Internet to track down what they could. One pointed me toward a post on Usenet that changed everything.

Remember my discussion of the white power group that Google had removed from Usenet? As it turns out, Darrick had posted to it. Once.

Now, of course, I can’t link to the post since it’s gone, but I do remember checking it out. After all, it could have been him telling off everyone, which I would have respected. I recall it being a “How’s it going?” sort of post – nothing horrible, but not exactly the most reassuring one.

Given that, I decided to opt out of the convention – after all, I had no idea what I was walking into. In any event, I’d have opted out when the cursing started, but I’ve sometimes wondered if it’s fair to judge a person by a single Usenet post.

Next time – Darrick speaks again!

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