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I’m trying to figure out if Aldebaran was in the sky above Constantinople on the nights previous to the invasion of 1204. This indicates that it probably wasn’t, but I’d like some more informed opinions.

And if you can figure out why I’d be asking that question, keep it to yourself.

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  1. The ascendency is equally significant, imho.

  2. Yeah. That would put Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, somewhere near zenith.


  3. Ack…got that backwards methinks…α Piscis Austrini (Fomalhaut) might be near zenith with Aldebaran’s ascendency…..should have checked this out more thoroughly before posting…sorry about that.

  4. Looks like Aldebaran would be about 60 degrees away from the sun, so it would have been visible for a couple hours after sunset. I can’t see how to make a static link of the star map, but set the the time to 18 UTC and pan around so you’re facing west (i.e. sunset)

  5. Khepri,

    Thanks nonetheless. I should state that it’s not an astrological question.


    That’ll do it. Thanks!

  6. Yah, actually I thought it was a Fallen Angel question with both Albebaran and Regulus sharing that appellation…but I admit the astrological timing was interesting to me nevertheless…;)

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