Darrick Dishaw: The Origin Story, Part 5

Last time, I had found a post of Darrick’s on a white supremacist group. What did he say in his defense?

i’m less sure about that one. back then (and even today somewhat) i tried to get whatever i was working on noticed by different groups… neo-nazis, christians, Satanists, right wingers, left wingers, atheists, roleplayers, artists, musicians, socialists, etc. maybe that white power newsgroup was one of my scattershot attempts to get a wider audience for my Satanic ideas? certainly, the 3rd Reich aesthetic appeals to CoS and Temple of Set members, but i think that’s usually as far as it goes. Satanism has nothing to do with white power… but lots to do with wearing black, misanthropy, and sorcery.

while i’m not completely immune to various inklings of prejudice on whatever given day, i don’t consider myself a white supremecist, racist, anti-semite, or a nazi. and my Cult of Cthulhu forum postings will definitely bare this out.

To be fair, the forum posts I’ve read in the past do reflect this. I don’t see many signs of this broad marketing in, say, his Usenet profile for 2000 or his Usenet profile for 2001 or his Usenet profile for 2005, all of which just show him to be interested in Call of Cthulhu, horror fiction, and science fiction. In his favor, though, he did say it was scattershot, so it could very well have been done elsewhere.

I think we can rest assured that Darrick is not a racist, and has only gone to neo-Nazi forums for the purposes of targeting his work to a demographic with which he shares very little in common.  In other words, it’s just an abysmal marketing strategy.

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