Christopher S. Hyatt, RIP

Via Plutonica comes the news that Alan Miller, better known to occultists as Christopher S. Hyatt, a founder of New Falcon Press and author of numerous books, has passed away, thus joining the ranks of interesting people I never got to meet. Among his books connected with the grimoire tradition are Pacts with the Devil and Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia.

Oddly enough, some would-be spiritual teachers are already impersonating him

UPDATE: Yes, this happened on February 9, placing me woefully behind the times.

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  1. A Blogger accuses the Luc$oc of “impersonating” Dr. Hyatt (WTF!)

    This dude says “Oddly enough, some would-be spiritual teachers are already impersonating him…”

    This statement is linked to the Luc$oc . . . what he is saying is the we are trying to impersonate Dr. Hyatt.

    We have repeatedly stated that Alan Miller was our dear friend, and that no one can replace or impersonate him.

    Even more irrational is the idea that a chat forum such as this . . . .could impersonate an individual.

    Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen: The Luciferian Society has no affiliation with Dr. Hyatt . . . . we simply enjoy his writings and videos.

  2. The only book of his I have read, even halfway, is Undoing Yourself. I have never talked to the guy, read any other books nor impersonated the late great Mr Miller.

    And to call the LS “spiritual teachers” is painfully inaccurate and misrepresentative. Do some research.

  3. how does it feel to be such a bitch?

  4. Wow. Just – wow.

    I’ll post on this tomorrow.

  5. I forgot to mention in my first reply, this also may be of interest to you sir:


    Thank you,


  6. Not really helping.

  7. […] on Dr. Hyatt Some of you will remember my horribly behind-the-times post last month about the passing of Christopher Hyatt. I’ve since received a number of comments on that post in which the Luciferian Society […]

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