Gary Gygax, RIP

The creator of Dungeons and Dragons passed away today.  Playing Dungeons and Dragons led me to Call of Cthulhu, to Lovecraft, to the Necronomicon, to magic in general, thereby making my life a lot more interesting, which I hope has been to your benefit.  He’ll be missed.

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  1. I blogged about this too so I am not downplaying his death but he was “co-creator” of Dungeons and Dragons. Arneson has been getting ignored for his role by people for decades…

  2. I thought about that, too. I think I’ll just say Dave Arneson is the creator of D&D and leave out Gary if I ever post anything on him, to retain the balance.

  3. Arneson is, thankfully, still alive so you may get your chance before his death. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the good times on all those trips to Barrier Peaks, Tombs of Horrors, and other wonderful realms of imagination Gary.

    I’m gonna go break out the mead and raise a horn.

    Hail Gygax

  5. I am lifting a glass in his memory, “Absent friends”

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