The Necronomicon on Lulu

In the years since The Necronomicon Files appeared, the phenomenon of online Necronomicons has exploded. A new phenomenon is the appearance of many different versions of the infamous grimoire on the self-publishing firm Lulu. Let’s take a look at their offerings, with the preview option to help out!

First, we have The Necronomicon by B. C. Klutts, who appears to be affiliated with the Church of Cthulhu (not to be confused with the Cult of Cthulhu, of course). For a mere $30, you can own such pieces as what appears to be my own “Ye Call to the Render of the Veils,” save that it’s missing the “Ye,” which makes it all original. Or the stingier among you can find the same pieces here.

Next comes The Necronomicon from Tsirk Susej, author of such high-quality offerings as How to Summons the Dead. For a mere $33, you can purchase the same copy of the Simon book you can get at your local store for $7. This is simply wrong – as we all know, only Simon is allowed to publish books stolen from others!

Is that price outrageous? You only think so because you haven’t seen the John Dee edition, available to be downloaded for a mere $250. It’s a little known fact that the Elizabethan magus took a copy of Simon’s book, enlarged and double-spaced the whole thing, and put it into a spooky font, all of which you’ll agree is worth at least $150. I wonder where he could have gotten that idea?

Finally, we have John Fitzgerald’s The Necronomicon: Everything You Never Wanted to Know, which tells us

Warning Many have had their lives changed after reading the Necronomicon for better or worst

I’ll pass over this one, save to indicate that somebody here probably needs to give him a call.

Papers salutes all the brave entrepreneurs who endeavour to sell their readers the truth about the Necronomicon, even if they didn’t actually bother to write it.

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  1. 250 bucks. Wow. I wonder how many he actually sold? If at all.

  2. […] I discussed a previous book, The Necronomicon Ritual Book, written under the name of Tsirk Susej, here.   This book is a guide for using the Key of Solomon variant known as the Grimorium Verum (as […]

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