Gone to Albany

I’m writing you from my hotel room in Albany, New York, ready to get up tomorrow and lobby for more funding in the governor’s budget. It’s rather quiet. I wonder if anything interesting is going on up here.

What’s up with you?

UPDATE:  And I’m home.  My BIG INSIDER SCOOP ON ELIOT SPITZER STRAIGHT FROM ALBANY is that everyone is wondering what’s going on.  In other words, it’s the same as everywhere else, save for all the reporters covering exactly how much everyone wonders what’s going on.

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  1. What governor?…snicker….

    Guess it wasn’t quiet for long eh?

    Allergies are the order of the day in this neck of the woods…

    Good luck

  2. there are so many snarky comments that are springing to my tongue…. (about the gov, not you.) i’ll behave.

    good luck keeping a straight face!

  3. Gone slightly mad. You know where to look for the evidence.


  4. Well, you can imagine the hooplah here in the Big City. And who doesn’t love those witty headlines, especially yesterday’s: “Out With a Bang!”

    My goodness, what a debacle!

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