Hex Murder House Burglarized

It’s a little late to be reporting this, but it’s nonetheless of interest to Papers readers that the York County, Pennsylvania house in which Nelson Rehmeyer was killed has been burglarized.   As I’ve mentioned, the house is under work to make it into a museum.  Apparently the two men and one woman who broke into the house and wandered around with flashlights for a few minutes missed the numerous video cameras inside.

According to the news reports, they took an unnamed item from the house.   What could it have been?  Could it have been the same prize that Rehmeyer’s killers claimed they sought – his copy of The Long-Lost Friend?  If so, why?  Did they hope to gain special powers from such a book?  Did they want to sell it on eBay?  Did they acquire it on behalf of organized crime?  Or were they tired of waiting for The Pennsylvania State University Press edition, which still hasn’t appeared?  (I did find this blurb on their site, though.)

As it turns out, whatever they took was just a prop.

You can also watch a video of the news story if you want to learn more or see pictures of the house’s interior.

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