Averoigne II:1.5, Being the Private Reflections of Marcel l’Hyers, Order of Saint Francis, Recently of Vyones

I forgot that I had agreed to post one of the player’s responses to the first Averoigne turn for Part 2 here. Thus, we have a special midweek Averoigne treat below:
Marcel returns to his bed with nervousness. There have been rumors circulating that Rome is thinking of forcing the Franciscan Order to take on property. While it is unlikely that the Inquisitor has come for any such reason to Averoigne, there is definitely a great deal of mistrust of Rome’s dogs by both Marcel and his Order. The letter from Paris declining his position there hasn’t helped matters either. While he doesn’t regard his time in Averoigne to have been in vain, he has questioned the wisdom of his choice to stay in the area for as long as he has. His pet project of designing a star map for the domed ceiling of the cathedral under construction in Ximes lies about his room in the form of reused yellowed parchments covered with sketches. With the news of what it has cost him in Paris, he can’t help but see some folly in the unauthorized hobby.
It is only the memory of what he has gained in his stay here that convinces Marcel that his life is richer for it. A charcoal portrait of Marcel’s face drawn by Julien is tacked to the wall. Between the covers of a book rests the farewell letter left by his friend Thibault le Gris filled with strange hints of a haunting duty. These are friends he has made. Even the Archbishop has been a far more pleasant man than Marcel had thought he’d be. Perhaps they should have consulted him earlier during that trial in Ximes. But back then, even the most common man seemed determined to cut his throat and those of his friends. He won’t soon forget that ghastly night in Saint-Crapauld.
The memory of that night suddenly jolts Marcel fully awake. Could that be what the Inquisitor has come for? No one outside of Marcel’s most trusted friends, the Archbishop, and some guards sworn to secrecy knew about Saint-Crapauld. Could someone have reported the matter? One of the guards? It seemed unlikely, but there was little around Vyones recently that had sounded heretical enough to bring the Inquisition here.
Marcel decides to question the Archbishop directly in the morning. If the Inquisitor has been summoned because of Saint-Crapauld, then Marcel will need to obtain his sealed testimony to go over it once more. Even more importantly, he’ll have to make sure there is no question about his own orthodoxy on the matter. The Inquisition has a known tendency to grow zealous.
Marcel glances once more around his room and jumps out of his bed. He begins to gather up his star charts and drawings shoving them into a box that he then places under his bed.
He’ll have to watch his tongue over the next couple of days. At least until he knows what’s going on.
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  1. Extra Averoigne! Merci beaucoup.

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