The Testament of Solomon, Part 27

You didn’t think this was coming back, did you?  Someone recalled the book at the library, and someone else misplaced his photocopies… but no matter!

We’ll be speeding through a few of the next sections, because I think you know the drill by now.  Solomon calls up a demon, Solomon asks its name, Solomon hears the demon give interesting tidbits about its life and the angel that thwarts it, Solomon assigns it to some barely-appropriate job.

First, we have the spirit Kunopegos, who has the foreparts of a horse and the hinderparts of a fish.  Kunopegos is quite the busy chap, what with taking and tossing up treasures from the deeps, destroying ships, drowning men, and causing seasickness.  He’d come up for a quick chat with Beelzebub, but suddenly found himself speaking with Solomon.  Or was it sudden at all?  He says:

“Now I am standing before you and, because of not having water for two or three days, my spirit is ceasing from speaking to you.”

Where was he, the green room?  No matter.  Solomon places him in a sealed vessel – yes, one of those he was told wouldn’t work – and goes on to the next one, an unnamed form of a man with glowing eyes wreathed in shadow.  Who is this gruesome fellow?

“I am a lecherous spirit of a giant man who died in a massacre in the age of giants.”

Once again, we see a reference to the Watchers in the Book of Enoch – but in this case, we have the ghost of one of their offspring, which is rather odd.  His description of his functions is particularly terrible:

“I seat myself near dead man in the tombs and at midnight I assume the form of the dead:  if I seize anyone, I immediately kill him with the sword.  If I should not be able to kill him, I cause him to be possessed by a demon and to gnaw his own flesh to pieces and the saliva of his jowls to flow down.”

This fearsome ghost can be thwarted by the mark of the cross, the form of the Savior to come.  Once again, Solomon shows no interest in this, being content to lock up the demon once again.

Next time – Solomon calls up too many demons at once!

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