Seeking Cthulhu Dark Ages Playtesters

I’ll announce this on Yog-Sothoth tomorrow, but I wanted to give Papers readers the first shot.

I need playtesters for a one-shot scenario for the Cthulhu: Dark Ages game.  No pre-gens are provided, but you will likely have to make characters for the scenario.

To be selected, you will need:

1)  A copy of the Cthulhu: Dark Ages rules.

2)  A group that can meet and play the aforementioned scenario by April 7 (to pick an arbitrary date).  If your group knows Dark Ages, has playtested before, and can provide quality feedback, so much the better.

3)  The ability by all participants to keep their mouths shut.

4)  No expectation that this is an Averoigne scenario, or something that can be easily integrated into an ongoing campaign.  Neither is the case.

If you’re interested, leave a note in the comments.

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  1. I have a copy of C: DA! I have a group who can meet within a few weeks! I enjoy the idea of getting playtesting credit!

  2. I guess I need to finish that scenario, then!

  3. Dan, whats the minimum numberof players?

  4. Giles,

    Sorry – my two playtest groups just confirmed.

  5. No worries mate, as it looks as though we wouldn’t be able to get it lined up in time for the 7th anyway.

  6. […] That’s right.  I just spent this lovely Friday night finishing up the final edits to that Dark Ages playtest scenario.  It’s a revision rather than a new piece, but nonetheless the playtester comments have […]

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