Who is Stephen Alzis?, Part 1

For those not familiar with the Delta Green setting for Call of Cthulhu, Stephen Alzis, head of the organized crime sorcerous cartel called the Fate, is a major mover and shaker therein. From the depths of Manhattan’s Club Apocalypse, Alzis wheels and deals, making himself indispensable to all sides in every conflict and always coming out ahead.

Many of you young whippersnappers (some of whom are older than I am) have probably wondered who Stephen Alzis might be (aside from “he’s Nyarlathotep!”). In the leadup to my Delta Green game, I’ve found some new information for thought for all you Delta Green fanatics. I don’t mean I’m going to speculate about whom that could be; I’m going back to the source material to show you.

Let’s look at the history of the Fate, to start out. How did it all get started? Here’s what the new Delta Green: Eyes Only book (now unavailable) says:

The Fate first arrived in New York in 1927, led by a young woman known only as Madame A. Madame A, a supposed clairvoyant and seer, was a magnetic beauty, quiet yet seemingly powerful.

Madame A presided over the Fate for over two decades, until some of the organized crime families decided to take out the Fate.

The first strike came in December 1951, when Madame A was attacked in a classic mafia hit… Gunmen riddled the car carrying Madame A with hundreds of bullets – and then something materialized. Of the fifteen men involved in the hit only four survived, and only two remained sane. The body of Madame A was never found.

Panicking, the cult decided to summon its god, Nyarlathotep, in 1952, but the rite failed. That spring, Stephen Alzis showed up.

The question, then, is what was Madame A? Players of Call of Cthulhu can probably guess a good candidate for a creature that appears human yet can vanish to be replaced by something monstrous. Yet we can go beyond this.

And we will – next time.

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