Random Weirdness

Attributed to the Kitab al-Istamakhis in Charles Burnett’s introduction to the Liber Antimaquis, in Hermetis Trismegisti Astrologica et Divinatoria:

At a time when the inhabitants of India had no law and were like wild animals in their way of life, their King, called Safnadula, was visited in a dream by the spirit of Saturn in the form of a black man. Acting according to Saturn’s instructions, Safnadula summoned 72 leaders of the people of his region, on an appointed day and at a specified place, where, after fumigation of specific organic and inorganic matters and a sacrifice in front of a statue of Saturn, the same black man came out of the statue, dressed in clothes coloured black, yellow, and green, and endowed each of the 72 elders with one of the 72 spirits of Saturn. From these spirits they were given knowledge, and were able to exercise control over their affairs… each could summon up his spirit in visible form, and that spirit would do his bidding.

I remain fascinated by bizarrely ornate and completely inaccurate depictions of life in other countries.

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