Manchester Altar Discovery

Via Witchvox comes this story of archaeology:

He was called Aelius Victor. And now after 2,000 years an altar he built to keep a promise to the goddesses he prayed to has been unearthed in the middle of the city.

The altar – described by experts as being in ‘fantastic’ condition – was discovered during an archaeological dig at a site on Greater Jackson Street earmarked for development.

Aelius Victor had dedicated it to two minor goddesses.

A Latin inscription on the altar says: “To the mother goddesses Hananeftis and Ollototis, Aelius Victor willingly and deservedly fulfils a vow…”

Norman Redhead, Greater Manchester’s county archaeologist, said: “This is the first Roman stone inscription we have found for 150 years. It is a very, very valuable find and it is in fantastic condition, considering it has been in the ground for 2,000 years. We’re lucky to have gotten it before the rats got to it, because even now I can hear them skittering through the nearby walls.”

(Edited for my amusement.)

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  1. But did Redhead escape the horrible stone-gnawing rats?

  2. Paul,

    You’re related to me, and you’ve got no Lovecraft familiarity? Sheesh.

  3. Norman Redhead Delapore?

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