The Necronomicon in Books

My friend Donovan has reappeared to send me countless Necronomicon links he’s running into. One of them comes from a book – Cindy Jacobs’ Deliver Us from Evil: Putting a Stop to Occult Influences Invading Your Home and Community.  It sounds like a solid book warning of what happens when occult influences come into communities and start taking people’s jobs.  Here’s the relevant quote:


Another source of the darkest black magic is the book Necronomicon. It contains Sumarian [sic] rituals and curses that open the doors to principalities. It is said that there are gates into the earth that these incantations open which will release demons. Even people who are deep into black magic warn against using these in a casual way. Necronomicon legend tells of the author and others who have dabbled with its curses being torn to pieces. The shooters at Columbine are purported to have read this book.

Columbine?  It sounds extremely unlikely, if for no other reason than that CNN would’ve called me long ago if there was even the slightest link.  What set apart the crimes we examined in The Necronomicon Files was the importance of the book to an ideology of opening the gates of hell.  Still, we’ve always known that people do horrible things due to all sorts of ideologies, or from no ideology at all.

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