The Testament of Solomon: People’s (and Demon’s) Court

After calling up the thirty-six demons, Solomon is content.  People from far and wide praise him, and bring him offerings of precious substances for the Temple, including gold, bronze, silver, iron, and wood.  This is probably for the best, seeing as Solomon hasn’t bothered to replace the burned-up wood yet.  Even the Queen of Sheba shows up for a visit.

The story shifts gears now, so that we hear about a court case which Solomon is judging.  The Bible had already established Solomon has something of a legal genius through such tales as 1 Kings 3:16-28, the tale of the two women who both claimed a baby.  This time, Solomon is approached by an old man who says his son insults and strikes him, and he wants him to be put to death.  The son claims that nothing of the sort happened.

The proceedings are interrupted by our old fiend Ornias, who starts chortling in the middle of court.  Solomon stops the proceedings and responds angrily to the demon.  Ornias tells him that the old man intends to kill his son in the next three days anyway, so the entire trial is moot.  Solomon, vastly puzzled by this, tells the two to make up and to return to the court in three days.

Next time – what Ornias reveals, and Judge Solomon rules.

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