Followup on Dr. Hyatt

Some of you will remember my horribly behind-the-times post last month about the passing of Christopher Hyatt. I’ve since received a number of comments on that post in which the Luciferian Society objects because I link to them with a warning about impostors pretending to be Hyatt. How dare I make such accusations, cry out their forums! How uninformed I am! How ridiculous to think that a chat forum could impersonate a person! What a buffoon I am! How dare I speak for the dead! And that’s the nicer comments.


Think back, O Society members, into the depths of time, back to… early March, when I made that post. Consider this: Do you think there might have been, I don’t know, a notice on Dr. Hyatt’s site when I linked to it? And maybe, just maybe, that notice was a warning about impostors? And, just maybe, you took that notice down later?

That’s right. You’ve screaming at someone because you forgot what was posted on one of your own sites last month.

Nonetheless, I am glad to hear that you are not setting out to exploit the memory of Dr. Hyatt. Certainly if someone were to, say, set the former URL of his official site (viewable in archives here) to redirect to their own, placing a very small “RIP Dr. Hyatt” at the bottom of the page after the links to your forums, your personal blogs, and pretty much everything else, readers might get the wrong impression. Also, you’ve steered around the dangerous possibilities of including a dollar sign in your organization’s name, which might suggest to uninformed outsiders that you might be in this for financial reasons. But as you’ve reassured me that you’re not, I have no reason to believe otherwise.

The moral to my readers is, only you can make yourself look bad.

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  1. No man . . . . . I’m agreeing with you.

    I redirected the site to the Luciferian Society because someone was trying to break into . . . of which I was webmaster. And, as copyrights ownership changed, I no longer had the permission to have Hyatt’s stuff up! So I just took the whole site down and pointed it to the Luc$oc.

    We had to stop talking about Hyatt due to the Legal threats leveled against us by a new regime.

    And yes, I am in this for financial reasons . . . I want my finances to improve and the finances of my friends . . . . but those aren’t the only reasons. . . . so what.

    It seems like you are being presumptuous . . . and frankly rude.

  2. I apologize for showing bad manners when your organization ridiculed and smeared me because they forgot their own site content. I will try not to let it happen again in the future.

  3. No need to apologize.

    I am a part of no organization.

    Thanks for participating in our infective processes.

  4. *snicker* Sorry Dan, but your biting sarcasm is obviously lost online… *snort*

  5. Yes – this is getting painful to watch.

    To the Luciferian Society – please take the last sentence of that post to heart.

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